Thursday, January 13, 2005

One ticket for Mudchute, Please

We have been having MAJOR cable internet probs for the last 2 months, James has exhausted every possible solution before finally resorting to calling the dreaded ROAD RUNNER TECH SUPPORT. They informed us that our modem was not on (but yes it was) and they would send someone out the next day. He came out, and roadrunner is now working but the guy will have to come back next week to repair the cable outside. He has rigged it for now, there is a cable going across the yard which will probably not last long so I hope they come back soon.
A few weeks ago, I tried to order some more Seasonale BC Pills online, as I am terrified of being weighed at the drs office. I found a page that said to click here to order I clicked it, it asked for my cc info, then the next thing I knew it said I had ordered breast enhancement pills!! What bastards!!!!!!!! Of all things, I do NOT need breast enhancement. Believe me. I have written them 3 times, and they keep saying that they have issued a credit but I have YET to see it on my credit card bill. BEWARE OF MAX-RX!!
Buttons has his wittle eyes open, he is soooo adorable. He looks like a mini boots with no tail. God Bless. He has doubled in weight since last week and now weighs a whopping 6 oz. More pics soon I promise. His mommy Boots is in big trouble however, as she has pissed all over my quilt/sheet yesterday AND the day before. With my dryer on its last wobbly peg leg, it takes about 6 hours to dry the quilt and sheet so I have spent two days drying them. I swear, if she pissed on them again, there will be an orange stripey rug by my bed. James seems to think these sorts of problems can be solved by spraying Febreze all over the pee spot. Maybe if it was a teeny tiny little spot but seriously when its about 20 oz of cat piss and its soaked through to the sheet, I dont think freaking Febreze will cut it. James loves that crap, he should do a frickin commercial for them.
I got bored at work yesterday afternoon as Bud would not leave, so I cleaned up my office REALLY GOOD, (I drank a double shot of coffee at 230 which got me going). Bud walked in there before he left and he was like YAY!! Very sarcastically. Then I went to the grocery store and picked up some cat litter, green apple mr clean and some Glade clean linen air freshener. I came home and Lauren swept the kitchen floor and I mopped it with the green apple stuff and then I sprayed the clean linen, it smells so freaking nice and clean now!! Its not as good as the clean cotton yankee candle, but it actually smells pretty close and is far more affordable.
I dont know about you guys but scents trigger memory flashbacks for me..songs do too, but for some reason a certain scent can instantly trigger a vivid memory for me. I was just at the Trade Mart pumping gas, and there was a guy in a diesel truck pumping gas next to was sprinkling and there was a light breeze and the sky was all gray. Well when I smelled those diesel fumes and the rain I went to London for a moment. I breathed in those fumes and memories came flooding in my brain..the sound and smells of London...riding on the rickety Mudchute tube, the scent of diesel in the air; shopping at Harrods and Marks & Spencers; having a full English breakfast (hold the black pudding please), taking in an evening show on the West End; and riding through rain-soaked streets afterwards, the streetlights reflecting in them like a blurry watercolor, as I sit in the back of a London black cab. I would love to go back one day, although if James reads this he will think I am pining for Paul. Get a grip James, Paul is married and lives in the Czech Republic now!! There is so much that I havent seen in the world. I want to go to Italy as well. Dont even get me started. Olive Garden Sweepstakes, PICK ME!!!