Sunday, December 19, 2004

James, you have a mushroom on your shoulder.

Poor Mojo has had a rough time! After getting him fixed last week, he had been lying around acting very lethargic and depressed. Thurs night I noticed PUS coming out of him. UGH! I called the vet Fri and she was out of town so we took him to another vet. He had an infection, and a pus pocket. EWWWW They had to basically cut a hole in his leg and drain it. He is on antibiotics 2x a day and we have to pour stuff on his drain hole 2x a day until it closes up. GROSS!! He is acting LOTS better and even played this morning!! James and I went to Kabutos last night (yum!) where a mushroom from a neighboring table landed on his shoulder LOL and then to Belks where I got some Chanel No. 5 for myself with money my dad gave me to get my xmas present, and then a ton of clothes for Alex from dad also. They were having a pretty good sale! After that we went to kmart and I finished up the rest of my shopping. Only 2 more people left to buy for, and James is taking care of that later this week (I hope).
I made 7 country cds for this nice lady in UT last week, and packaged them up and James dropped them in a FEDEX GROUND box on Dec. 14. Well I checked this weekend, and it says that the box is not in FEDEX possession. How the hell did they lose a package out of their drop box?????It took me a few hours to make the cds, labels, and all and I am SOOOO pissed off. I cant call them until tomorrow, but I am believe me, and I am NEVER using FEDEX again. This is the 2nd time they have lost something important. I sent a bunch of xmas stuff out UPS and they already have received it (except for one, who is getting hers tomorrow) YAY UPS, BOO FEDEX.
According to the weather channel there is an ARCTIC BLAST headed our way and possibly snow flurries. YAY!!! I hope I dont have to go to work tomorrow :)