Monday, April 28, 2008

BORED!!!! ala Teresa

Have you ever showered with someone?
I used to showe
r with Roger, but its a pain cause I have to keep taking his batteries out.

berry Milkshake or Banana Pancakes?
I'd rathe
r have a banana milkshake and waffles with strawberries

Last movie
you saw in theaters, with who?
haha Forge
tting Sarah Marshall. I went there alone but some weirdo sat next to me fondling his raisinets.


r King or Wendy's?
s but I just want a frosty.

do you think your best friend is right now?
is no telling.

Are you liste
ning to music right now?
yeah my playl

Who else is in the room with you?
Mr Frogg
ie and Fred my imaginary friend.

In winte
r, would you rather wear jackets or hoodies?
er I hate coats!

Do you wish you were somew
here else right now?
yes home in bed with my poor sunbu
rned feet propped up, and a hot guy waiting on me and serving me food

you curse in front of your parents?
I do, but they'
re dead so they can't really get mad.

What is your curre
nt annoyance?
how nothi
ng works like it is supposed to.

and my feet.

Do you like drama
who the hell LIKES

How many pills
do you take a day?
two, bc pills
(ha wishful thinking right there) and a vitamin

What would
you do if your best friend told you they were moving?
I would
not be surprised. Then I would pretend it was just a coincidence.

At what age do you want to be marri
been there
done that, got the fucked up plumbing in my bathroom to prove it.

is your mom right now?
here nice i hope

What are you suppo
sed to be doing right now?
work but I'm in too much pain.

Are you slowl
y drifting away from someone close?
yes, well actua
lly they tied me up and put me in a leaky rowboat and shoved me out to sea...Im typing with my toes. which is painful. You could have just deleted me Jimmy. Honestly.

When was the last time you felt unbea
rably guilty?
time I pleasure myself.

Who can you tell every
thing to?
one, I'm an open book this is my damn problem!

Can you play guita
r hero?
no I like Croc.

or the old schoo
l Atari games :)

What do you curre
ntly hear right now?
my playl

Purse or NFL game tickets?
I guess
the tickets maybe someone would wanna go with me.


How old do you think
you will be when you finally have kids?
23, 33, and with my luck,

you rather watch football or baseball?

is your number one person on your friends list?
she bette
r be at school

Is there
someone on your mind that shouldn't be?
Ric, naked
and wet out of the shower.


Last time you cried
when I woke up and looke
d in the mirror

Who do you love more than anyth
The Hoff.

How did your day start
I woke up, I screa
med in pain, I looked in the mirror and cried. Fairly normal.

Does anyon
e hate you?
Of cours
e, that means I am great!

Are you happy
with life?
er than I used to be but some things are lacking.

Can you handl
e the truth?
yes I prefe
r learning the awful truth and crying myself to sleep every night rather than be happily oblivious in a state of denial. Wait a minute. Let me rethink this.

Have you ever read an entir
e book in one day?
The Noteb
ook. and cried my fucking eyes out.

Do you belie
ve everyone deserves a second chance?
Not if their
name is James

s the weather today?

Who were you with Frida
y night?
the kids

Who do you hate?
No one. I did call Tom a few names
last night when myspace went berserk.

Did you speak
to your mother today?
Well I thoug
ht about her. I think about my parents every day.

What color
reminds you of your school?
blue and gold-
ha me 2 Mariners.


Star wars or star trek?
star wars

How many month
s until your birthday?
I dont want to know.

What is on your desk right
a nail gun that bud wants
me to ship out, and some paperwork that I am ignoring

Have you ever had your heart
I guess
. Dont think I have ever been TRULY in love to be honest.

When was the last time you clean
ed your room?
y evening.

Last compl
iment you received?
You looke
d better on myspace.

What are you excit
ed about?
Its Monda

Have you lost frien
ds in the past years?
yes they keep movin
g away!

Are you smili

Have you ever calle
d a person useless?
yeah and they were.

Do you usual
ly tell people when they hurt your feelings?
otherwise they may do it again! ELAINE.

How often
do you give high fives?
each orgasm. Unfortunately its difficult to give yourself a hi five when your other hand is occupied.