Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dougs survey..

Who is your best guy friend? Jimmy

Where is your mother right now? I hope she is in Heaven or someplace nice.

Have you ever made out in a basement? Not yet.

-Do you have any pierc
ings? yes 3 in one ear, 1 in other

Name 3 thing
s you did today: Woke up, kissed Roger bye, went to work. Fascinating.

Have you ever had two dates in one night? yeah right I have enough problems getting

What have you eaten today? Everything I've eaten today has SUCKED. Breakfast sucked, Lunch sucked, and even my reheated chicken fajitas for supper ended up sucking. I'm hoping for a comeback with dessert.

Which shoe do you put on first?
ever one is closest.

What do you get complimented about most? my humor, but if you mean something physical, probably my large breasts or my hair.


-Do you get distr
acted easily? what was the question? I was rubbing a kitten.

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed at night? masturbate.

Have you ever kissed anyone named Sean or Natalie? No but Natalie Portman is on my list.

-If you had to choos
e to not ever wash your bed sheets again or never wash your towel which would you choose? that is gross but I have to wash my sheets, I love that fresh GAIN smell when I go to bed.

what would you change about your life right now? *sigh*

-How do you feel about
public displays of affection? Gross. Get a room.

(I aint getti
ng any so don't expect me to want to see yours)

Have you ever bitten your nails? no

-Do you like someo
ne right now? I like lots of people

-Do they like you? who knows
. they lie.

-Can you keep a secre
t?depends how good it is.

What was the best year of your life? hasn't happened yet.

-Do you have any stran
ge phobias? feathers

Your favorite romantic movie is..? Sliding Doors, or The Holiday

Have you ever played Twister? yes

Have you ever been drunk at school? haha no I waited til directly after

Last thing received in the mail? Art in America Magazine

Have you ever kissed someone whose name begins with a J? Yeah this is a running joke all my boyfriends have J names.

-Do you have trust
issues? I have in the past this is why I will never date anyone else named James.

-Do you use smile
y faces on the computer a lot? No

-Do you tend to rip the paper
off water bottles? No

-Who was the last perso
n you talked to on the phone?Jamie the Moron

-Are you a cuddl
er? Not really.

I mean I like it to a point
, but then I start getting hot and uncomfortable and I want to roll over and go to sleep

When was the last time you gave advice to someone? I told Alex not to eat candy cause she has been throwing up.

She never
listens though

What was going through your mind during your last kiss? Damned if I remember.

It was the year 2001

Have you ever hurt anyone when you were mad? I tend to hurt inanimate objects usually. But when James cheated, I did punch him. And it hurt real bad judging from the way he collapsed on the floor clutching his stomach. Oh yeah and when Jamie called me a C-NT I hit him over the head with a can of Lysol. Generally, I recommend not pissing me off.

-Do you give out secon
d chances too easily? yes. I am stupid.

-Do you have a best frien
d? Yes

-Are you frien
ds with your last ex? HELL NO

-Do you trust
people easily? No

Would you live with someone without marrying them? Yes , how else are you going to get to know them?

Ever had plans and broke them?No I never make plans I prefer living in the moment.


-Do you remem
ber what you were like a year ago? Yeah. real fat.

Would you say you've changed? Yeah you could say that!

-Is it awkwa
rd when you run into your ex? Only if he struggles, but my SUV can take him.

-Who was the last perso
n you had a sleep over with? Donna...she was amazing.

-Has any one ever told you you have prett
y eyes? yes

-How tall are you? 5'6"

Last person you rode in a car with under the age of 21? Lauren and Alex.

What brand of body lotion do you use? Lush stuff.


What color are your eyes? Greenish brown, hazelish

-If you could
live in any other country, which one would you pick? England or Ireland, or maybe Fiji

-Do you like your phone
? Yes

Last tv show you watched? Ghost hunters and it was freakin awesome! An intelligent haunting and some amazing EVPS!

What color are your bed sheets? White

-Do you ever keep argui
ng even when you know you’re wrong? I will never admit I'm wrong, so yeah.

Have you ever kissed any one of the opposite sex on your top? I wish.

-Are you tan? hahah

Have you ever slept in a bed with the opposite sex? Unfortunately its been awhile...Oh sorry Roger resented that remark

What do you think of your number 3 on your top friends? Complete asshole.

t know why I bother talking to him! :P

Have you ever taken a picture in a bathroom mirror?yes

-Do you use big words
? way too often

When was the last time you saw your father?2006

Have you ever hated someone, but ended up being friends with them? Yeah Jamie's ex

Where did you sleep last night? in bed

What are you looking forward to? lots of things

-Is it hard for you to get over someo
ne? well I guess it depends how big they are doesnt it?

Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced? hell no

Does a kiss make you feel better? I wouldn't remember.

Have you ever been to California? No

What is your favorite fruit? raspberries

Does anyone love you? My least I hope so!

-Is your best frien
d pretty? Oh yeah

Where is one place you want to visit? England

-Are you a morni
ng person or a night person? Night

-Do you like beer?

What are you listening to right now? Buttons licking himself

-Who was the last perso
n to smoke a cig in your presence? Bud. grrr.

I'll bet you're missing someone right now? mr froggie. I forgot to tell him goodbye when I left the office.