Monday, April 21, 2008

Pam strikes back.

Pam strikes back.
Body: What did you do this afternoon?
It just started, give me more time to do stuff, then come back to answer this question.

When do you plan on having kids or your next kid?
I've never planned that sort of thing.

Do you know something about your ex that would embarrass them?
haha yeah lots of stuff.

I had sex with him remember?

Can you take a bra off with one hand?
yeah the clasp is in front for easy access.

Can you use chopsticks?
Yes its fun, and we all know how fun food can be.

How old were you when you lost your first tooth?
I was 4 and it was a bar fight.

Were you a hyper or mellow kid?
hyper with occasional bouts of mellowness, but mostly those were when I was asleep.

Why did you throw up last?
I wanted to Sat night but I just couldn't make myself do it.

What's for dinner?
something healthy... I should really fast after this weekend.

Ever been to the Statue of Liberty?
Yeah a few times.

Voting for Hilary?
I don't vote to be honest

How many e-mail addresses do you have?
a bunch. It might seem a silly method of organization to you, but each person get s their own personal jules' email account.

Last time you washed your hair?
this morning

Who will you be sleeping with tonight?
Ask me tomorrow maybe I'll get lucky.

Do you like Oreos?

Do you send out Thank-You cards?
Just for Halloween candy.

"thanks for the mini snickers bar, i enjoyed it"

Can you ice skate?
No but Im sure I'd be brilliant at it.

Do you have a brother?

Do you know how to change a diaper?
wish I could say no.

Do you flip people off while driving?
I prefer to just scream obscenities, usually both hands are occupied anyway.

Would you take a bullet for anyone?
mr buttons. But I really hope that his long-standing feud with Pedro over the "poop in the hallway" doesn't come to that.

Do you keep a planner?
My alarm clock waking me up is about as planned as my day gets.

Who's your favorite American Idol judge?
I don't watch it

Do you like to grocery shop?
No and MISH there are NO goodlooking men at my grocery store, I assure you!
Although if you shopped there I bet they'd all show up

What kind of mood are you in?
moderately sarcastic with a touch of silliness

Last time you cleaned?

Did you get an Easter basket?
No, I did not.

I expect one next year!

What pills do you take daily?
BC pills, I'm feeling optimistic.

Are you in anyone's wedding this year?
Not that I know of.

Do you do your own laundry?
Yes Jason's mum said to quit mailing it to her.

Do you go tanning?
haha thats funny *see my pics*

Has someone close to you moved this year?
Funnily enough, all my close friends move far away. I like to pretend its a coincidence.

Baths or showers?

What's the best part about being single?
Don't have to please anyone else but me.

Worst Part: my hand is tired.

Paper or Plastic?

Do you watch "The Hills"?
nope but Bud lives there.

Last CD you played?
Soundtrack to 50 First Dates

What did you do last Saturday night?
Went to Spamalot in Raleigh, then the Melting Pot, then watched a movie in Rita's room.

Which one of your friends is going to have the cutest baby?
Andrea I hope it looks like her.

What is the theme of your bedroom?
"single mom who never gets laid"

Wearing any bracelets?
yes if I get within 50 feet of jimmy the alarm rings the police

Last thing someone bought for you?
Rita bought the Spamalot tickets

What are you doing now?
working real hard.