Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hump Day Forest Party, Wont You Join us?

Hump day beckons...and I must heed its call!!

I have my lute and my party clothes, now off we go to the woods, my friends.

*hands jimmy panflute*

*hands Chilli bongos*

*hands Rhoda bagpipes*

*hands Donna tambourine*

*hands Eynon accordion and microphone*

the rest of you shall dance wildy about in time with the music.

Chickwah, keep your head on frontways at all times, please.

Now, let the wild rumpus begin!!

We must hurry before the satyrs drink all the wine...

Who shall be the first to light the ceremonial bonfire of purification?

We shall throw all correspondence from ex-lovers onto it and chant as we dance round it.

Immediately following will be a feast of bacchinalian proportions,

Pig looks good, Doug.

and an orgy under the full moon.

*holds up lute*


Go Byron, Go Byron!!