Tuesday, June 03, 2008

#1509 by Survey King

What’s a perfectly normal thing that grosses you out?

How many houses have you lived in? four

Do you live far from your parents and/or other relatives? I wish.

Describe your dream house: three stories, on a lake or the ocean, with a spectacular view from my bedroom window

Car: prius

Vacation: Italy

Black coffee or something fancier with a complicated name? Cappuccino

If you had to leave your country and never return, where would you want to live?

Do you prefer the city or the country? I like visiting the city but I'm a country girl

What book do you you think is a must-read? Kama Sutra

What song(s) are a must-listen? Whatever I have on my playlists.

What is your LEAST favorite animal? Opossum...they are creepy

Least favorite color? turd green like my eyes

Least favorite activity? any form of cleaning

Least favorite sport? SOFTBALL

What is your favorite (or least despised) household chore?
I enjoy messing up the bed. I hate any form of cleaning.

Where have you gone on vacation? England, Jamaica, Bahamas, New York, Pennsylvania (amish country), Boston, Las Vegas, I've been around

Where do you WANT to go on vacation? I'd like to visit England soon but I'm pretty excited about just going to Busch Gardens this year.

Have you ever made a ’bucket list?’
Is that a list of things you want to do before you die? If so I am pretty sure y'all can guess what is on that list.

Have you done any of the things on your list? NOT IN A LONG TIME

Have you attended any school reunions? One and it sucked.

What’s your weather like right now? Sunny and hot

Does YOUR mother call you at some ungodly hour on the morning of your birthday just to sing to you? No she is deceased.

How would you spend $1,000? Lush products

$50,000? New car for me, more lush products, a vacation

$10 million? Big house,Yacht,Cars,and Parties- I will agree with Doug

If you had to throw away all your movies but one, which one would you save?
Damn. Sliding Doors is my all time fave.

Are you an outdoor or indoor type? somewhere in the middle. I am not made to be out in the sun for long periods.

What’s your favorite summer activity? sex

Fall activity? sex

Winter activity? Sex

Spring activity? picking flowers
and sex

If you bought a helicopter, would you let me take it for a spin?
who are you?

Are you fussy about your car? hahahaha I am not fussy about anything except the contents of my kitchen cabinets.

What are you most likely to eat if you need a midnight snack? wine, grapes and cheese..YUMMAY

Have you ever worked in customer service? Hell no

Did it make you start being nicer to other people in customer service? this is not applicable.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever held? The family hardware store. BLECH.

What is your favorite fast food place? ARBYS

Coffee place? A coffee affair~ this is also where you will find the reclusive Jimmy in the winter when he is not working...

What would you most like to see from your home’s windows? a righteous man walking toward me

What DO you see from the windows? a bunch of animals begging to come in

Do you have any horrible/weird neighbors? No comment.

Have you ever used ’internet speak’ in real life, such as ’LOL?’ I say WTF quite a bit.

What are your most-visited websites? Myspace, sitemeter, nutrisystem, online sweeps

Have you ever punched or slapped someone? yes that dumbass Jamie

When is the last time you saw the ocean? a few weeks ago I went walking

When did you last attend a funeral? 2006

Have the gas prices made you figure out ways to drive less? No but I drive Lauren's car instead of my SUV hehe