Sunday, June 01, 2008

Have you ever ?? with your top 6 from Hazel

Have you ever ________ with your TOP SIX
- Don't change your myspace top 6!
- Fill the people in below!
- Answer the questions truthfully!

1)Aquababy ala Elisebebe ala Lauren
2) Belladonna
3) jimmy
4) Ric

Have you ever danced with number 4?
No we haven't met in real life (yet)

Where did you meet number 6?
on jimmy's page hehe

Have you ever made out wit any of them?

Have you ever gotten drunk with number 3?
I haven't had the opportunity but believe me its one of my top priorities...a night of drunken scrabble and debauchery awaits.

Have you ever been to number 2's house?
Nope but I'm sure I will one day!

Have you ever hung out with all of your TOP SIX at the same time?
No that would be bizarre...

Have you ever gone shopping with 2?
No but I think we would have fun doing so.

Have you ever hated anyone on your top six?
why would they be one of my top six friends???

Have you met number 4's family?

Do you know number 3's middle name?

Have you been to any of there houses?
well Aquababy lives with me, but other than that no. I hope to change that real soon.

Have you ever eaten anything infront of 6?
haha yeah I had some meatballs at the sex toy party.


Do you trust #1?
not with my credit cards

Have you and number 1 ever got into a fight?
I've probably yelled at her about something but she is so laid back (like her dad) that she RARELY gets angry about anything

Have you ever fought with number 2?
No and I doubt I ever will unless eVil Donna comes out to play

Whens the last time you talked to 5 in person?
I haven't sadly!! I will rectify that one day within the next year!

Is any of your top 6 family?
number 1 is my daughter

How long have you known number 3?
its been nearly 2 yrs and I still havent got to first base.


Have you kissed number 3?

Do you think 1 and 4 would make a good couple
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats just WRONG!

Would 1 do anything for you?
It would have to involve bribery.

Has 2 ever helped you?
Always...she's my lifeline!!!!

Have you ever slept in the same bed with number 3?
Once again, I FUCKING WISH

Out of your top 6 which one would you say you talk to the most
Ric or Donna....jimmy used to email me a lot but his eVIL ex stole his puter.

Who have you known the shortest?
Ric but it seems like forever.

(j/k ric)

Have you ever dated someone out of your top six?
He calls it "hanging out with people" so I can't really classify it properly.

There was definitely no action goin on *waaaa*