Wednesday, June 04, 2008

#1512 for the muffin at work from survey king

OMFG Doug is trying to kill me...TWO HUNDRED QUESTIONS. If anyone can read this all the way through, you must REALLY be interested in my life and/or a crazy stalker, and you deserve a Buttmuffin Medal of Honor. If you have several hours to kill, feel free to repost this.

*sigh* :P

1. Do you have any piercings? three in one ear, one in the other.

2. Do you ever use your full name? Only to get into exclusive nightclubs.

3. Have you dated anyone you met online? Yes...I swore never again. But I never take my own advice.

4. Last time you spent $100, and what for? I bought a GARMIN navigation thingie at amazon...YAY

5. Do you wear deodorant? Of course, it smells like apples.


6. Have you ever performed on stage? Yes I was in the Plus Size PussyCat Dolls on their Bootylicious tour. It ended badly.

7. Do you believe in God? religion is a smile on a dog. I'm not aware of too many things but I know what I know if you know what I mean.

Do Do YA?


Name one person you hate, and why:
that guy who does those Girls Gone Wild tapes... his commercials annoy me.

9. Cars or boats? Boats lets sail far away where they can't find us.


Chocolate or vanilla? swirl


What is your favorite type of ice cream? Mint choc chip

12. Favorite type of sock? my purple wright socks that match my Brooks shoes.

:-) Thanks to Tracy for recommending them


What is something you know that most people don't?
What I look like naked. Be glad you are not privy to this information.


Kleenex or Puffs?


Do you use email, IM, MySpace, or phone the most? a combination but I don't IM very much lately


Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays? fridays

17. Do you want to have kids? I have 2 but according to my schedule I am due to have another one in 3 yrs. I hope its a boy.


Have you ever been high? Who says I am not RIGHT NOW? I am in a suspiciously good mood arent I?

19. Do you want to get married? Maybe if it will help me out tax-wise or will shorten my signature.


Sneakers or flip-flops? flip flops all the way


Do you hate someone? Didn't you already ask me this? GRRR

22. Do you like dogs? Yes except when they are incontinent.

23. Dogs or cats? Both...

24. Do you believe in miracles? Ask me again after I get laid.

25. Would you eat human flesh for money? I've done it before.


When is your birthday? Feb 19

27. Have you ever been expelled from school? yep. I printed an underground newspaper that was rather provocative.

28. What was your New Year's resolution? To lose weight and get laid. One out of two so far.

29. Do you like yourself? I am FABULOUS!! except when I am a bitch.


Do you like photography? Yes as long as I am not in the photo

31. Do you believe in yourself? I believe I can fly.


Have you ever sworn? Me? STFU!


Pink or blue? Hot Pink or Carolina Blue.


What is your favorite word? Ecstasy

35. Have you ever been homeless? Not yet but at the rate I do my online shopping it won't be long.

36. Who annoys you? everyone, lets be honest.

37. Would you smoke? not cigs.


38. Do you believe that animals have souls? I hope so.

I want to be haunted by Mr Buttons


What is your favorite name? Zeus

40. What kind of music do you hate? Twangy country, saxophone jazz elevator music, and heavy metal that is just screaming.

41. Do you think Snoop Dogg sucks? I have no idea what Snoop Dogg does in his spare time.

42. Have you ever cut off a limb? It never crossed my mind until now. Its on my to do list, thanks.


Have you ever yelled at a telemarketer? I hang up


Your crush's first name: Buttons

45. Have you ever been arrested? Not yet. once again, its on my to do list.

46. Do you like depressing music? Only when I am depressed. I like to keep the mood going.

47. Have you ever thrown up on a dentist? Only after seeing his bill.

48. Last text? NVM from Lauren.


When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? OMG I need some tags for the luggage under my eyes

50. Magazines or books? Books...I like reading magazines but they take up so much room and then have to be thrown away GRR


Do you still use film for cameras? Nope

52. Do you get enough exercise? Lately, yes. My ass is KILLING ME from the leg press at the gym last night.

53. Hug or kiss? Both simultaneously along with some groping/fondling.

54. Coke or Pepsi? Coke. in the bottle...nice and frosty cold.



What's your phone ringtone? Heart it Races-unknown calls. All my friends have their own ringtones, hehe.

56. Would you flip off the president? I do, everytime he is on tv I turn the damn thing off.

57. Do you own a camera phone? Yes and it takes SHITTY pics.

58. Do you study the Bible? RIGHT.


Have you ever gone a week without showering? Yes I take BATHS


Where did you go to school? The mean streets of Otway

61. Have you ever been high... on life? yes whenever I sit next to a righteous man

62. Would you cry if MySpace stopped working? it does that all the time I am SOOO used to it.

63. Have you been on drugs? Birth Control Pills.

What a freaking waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

64. Do you want to die? Someday, yes. Before I get incontinent but after I lose my mind.

65. Bagels or chicken? WTF? Chicken I am on a diet.


What was the last compliment you GAVE? You are so sweet!

67. What is your favorite male name? Zeus.

68. Why do you like the music you do? Anything that can move me or transform my mood.


Have you ever snuck anyone into your house? Not lately.


Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Yes


Right handed? Left handed? Righty


How many ex boyfriends/girlfriends do you have? three


Do you ever cook? if you're lucky


Do you feel sad often? once a month like clockwork


Have you ever written a song? yes


Have you ever had a crush on more than one person at the same time? YES


Last time you used the bathroom? couple of hours ago.

DO you want more details?

78. Do you drink soda? No but that ice cold bottled coke sure sounded good.

79. Disney or Warner Brothers? who cares.

80. Would you be my friend? you seem needy. no thanks.

81. Would you sell your soul to the Devil? MUFFIN AINT FOR SALE.


Do you have a cell phone? yes


Weekdays or weekends? Weekends

84. Do animals go to Heaven? I hope so.

85. What is your favorite hair ? on my head? i hate the rest.

86. Is it Pet's Mart or Pet Smart? Pet Smart.


Would you be president if you could? NOOO

88. Would you date someone younger than you? a few years, yes.

No more cradle robbing for me!

89. Have you ever gone to a mall? Yeah but i Hate it.

90. Who do you want to meet? a man who wants to clean my house, mow my grass and wash all the dishes, and perform sexual favors on demand.

91. Hamburgers or cheeseburgers? Cheese makes everything better.

93. Would you try to take over the world? the plan is already in the works. Join my band of insurgent muffins today.

94. Would you date someone older than you? sure if he is cool.


Do you want to go to college? No


Do you sing? all the time


What is your favorite IM acronym (lol, omg, ttyl, etc)? WTF


Have you ever been on a plane? Yes

99. Have you ever had a crush on the same sex? yes if you want details you'll have to ask.


Last kiss? furry


Mom or Dad? huh?


Have you ever gone to a public school? Yes


Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea? lipton


Do you believe in aliens? yes I think some of my ex's have questionable parentage


Do you like tongue twisters? i guess


What's your favorite album/CD? impossible to pick just one


Would you have plastic surgery? i need a boob lift.


Croutons or bacon bits? croutons

What is your heritage? no one knows.


Who is your favorite celebrity? John Krasinski


Shorts or pants? pants


'Digged' or 'dug'? Doug


Have you ever made a promise you'd die to keep? Not yet


Emotional or physical pain? Physical


Your first crush: PAT L.


What do you do most when you're bored? SURVEYS


What's your favorite book? Kama Sutra

What if you had three wishes - what would you wish for?
health, happiness and clean house


Do you brush and floss? Yes


What shoe do you wear? i have on flip flops today


Would you date someone you met online? NO!!!! hahaha j/k


What is your screen name? buttmuffin


Have you ever been on a motorcycle? No how sad is that??


Do you want to talk to anyone right now? Not really


Do you have a job? What is it? Yes/ construction


Have you ever gone rock climbing? Nope


Jeans or skirt? Jeans


Do you love someone? of course


Have you ever been home schooled? No


Do you personally know any bums? all of my ex's


Do you get along with your parents? yes they are deceased


Do you get motion sickness? Only if i am in the back seat and we are swerving or starting/stopping abruptly


Last time you were really really mad? on the way home at lunch I got behind a bunch of OLD PEOPLE WHO COULDN'T DRIVE


What's your family like? there are no words


Have you ever fallen in love with a best friend? Yes


If you could punch one person, who would it be?
the pillsbury dough boy


Have you ever been in a mosh pit? Yes @ aerosmith concert


Have you ever been in love? love is for SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ever run away from home? no I'm lazy


Have you ever done yoga? yes

141. Explain what you think about dating.

Its complete torture can't we just fuck?


What is one bet you've won? can't reveal that here

143. What do you think about homosexual marriage? fine with me.


Do you sleep naked? not unless I've gotten laid, so NO


Have you ever gone to a private school? No


Would you give money to a hobo? I have, all my ex's


Who is your enemy? Willy Wonka


Tan or pale? Pale


Have you ever kissed someone? How pathetic would that be if I said no

150. Do you have a soul? yes and its beautiful...according to Jesse McCartney


Would you flip off the pope? No I am cursed already

152. Have you ever kissed someone in the rain? No its on my to do list.


What's your favorite color? lavender


Yahoo or Google? Google


What's your favorite drink? Margarita

156. Name one person you love, and why: Buttons because he sees right through to me.

157. Do you pray? Yes I've been praying steadily for 10 months, I can think of other things I'd rather be on my knees for.


What's the most common name you know? Jerry


Last time you saw your dad? 2006

160. Would you set yourself on fire? ummm no that doesn't sound like fun.

How much money we talkin about?


Sprite or 7Up? Sprite


Would you go skydiving? No


Do you like poetry? yes unless its poncy or sickeningly gooey


Do you consider yourself religious? spiritual

165. Do you believe in the external world? No... all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

166. When do you go to bed? when I can only communicate by nodding.


Have you ever beat someone up? Yes


French or Italian? Italian


What is your biggest weakness? I have no weakness, and whoever says I do is getting an ass beating

170. Are you a health freak? sort of....I eat right and exercise, don't smoke and rarely drink. But I can still have fun...oh yeah.

171. Are you rude? Ric says yes.

I say STFU RIC! *jules gets deleted*

172. Have you ever peed your pants after age 8? Yes from laughing, or when I was pregnant and sneezed or coughed.


Do you smile a lot? Yes


Have you ever skipped school? Yes


Have you ever walked more than a mile? Yes

176. What does your name mean? it means I have a very ample ass that is sweet and tender like a muffin, and smells like berries.


Would you lie to your best friend? No I suck at lying

178. Have you ever licked a battery? (and if you haven't WHY NOT, it's fun!) No i can think of better things to lick.


Do you know how to drive stick? no

180. Do you think you're attractive? not really.

i am hideous without makeup on


What is one thing that annoys you? SLOW DRIVERS AAAAHHHH


Who DID let the dogs out? Lauren

183. What's your favorite movie? Sliding Doors.


Would you go skinny dipping? Yes and love it!


What would you NEVER change about the past? my kids

186. One goal you'd like to achieve this year: GETTING LAID but not in williamsburg.


Have you ever failed a grade? Why? No

188. Explain what you think about hippies. Gimme a hug man, and pass that weed.

189. If you had to get married now, who would you want to marry? my fantasy man on the moped....he will be mine.


Have you ever been toilet papering? Why? No


What is your favorite sport? Kitten Juggling

192. Have you ever missed a meal because you were busy on myspace? No I never miss meals.



Flip-flops or slippers? Flip-flops

194. Apple or Microsoft? I have both, so I am conflicted.

195. Do you like the band Nine Inch Nails? Yes..who couldn't like a song with the lyrics "I want to fuck you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside". Brilliant, I tell you.


What's your favorite car? Prius


Have you ever been asked out? NOT LATELY


Mints or chewing gum? Gum


Have you ever been to a different country? Yes

200. Have you ever cut yourself? I feel like doing it now after wasting half the day on this damn survey. Thanks Doug.

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