Thursday, June 19, 2008

Survey King thanks bonnie

1) One thing you'd say to the president:
I have photos of you touching Mr Buttons inappropriately. Now give me $100 million dollars.

mwa ha hahahaha

2) One person you'd like to meet:
the Sta Puf Marshmallow Man....and Ric.


3) Who would you like to add to ur family?
A MAN who likes to do yardwork and put things together. Hey...I will treat him real good! :-)

4) Last person you called & why?
Alex because she left me a voicemail and I couldn't understand a word of it.

5) If you were LOST like on LOST, 1st thing you'd do?
screw Sawyer and Jack simultaneously and then marry Desmond.

6) Are you intelligent?
Apparently not early in the morning.

7) Ever met anyone online?
yes and they are always very disappointed...
jimmy? Hello??? lmao

8) Are you a people person?
I prefer ANIMALS

9) Last thing to crack you up?
chickwah's story on my blog comments. piss off then. lmfao.

10) What blows your mind?

11) If you had an extra $50 a month what would you do?
Buy more lush bath products, or my new obsession, Soap and Glory.

12) Last thing you watched on tv?
Bee Movie last night

13) Hit the 2,000 mark on your profile hits?
I have no idea but yeah probably....*goes off to check*
12,422. wow.

14) Describe your profile pic:
me in my pink bathroom showing off the new 'do

15) When was it taken?
last saturday.

16) Anyone bugging you?
No not tonight. Its very quiet.

17) Do you have a tornado plan?
Get in the bathtub? I have no clue. We've never had one.

18) Have an earthquake plan?
No I don't.

19) Have emergency food or water?
I have can food and bottled water so yes I suppose.

20) Ever been IN a flood?
No but I've been in many many many hurricanes. I live in hurricane central.

21) Do you think 30 is old?

22) Do you have wrinkles yet?
who me???*bats eyelashes*

23) Have you had gray hair yet?

24) Were you born in the 80s?
Yeah right.

25) Ever yelled at someone to their face?
they deserved it, trust me. I really dislike confrontations.

26) An annoyance?
I hurt my little pinky finger earlier and its black and blue and swollen.


27) Who are you wanting to talk to right now?
I'm waiting to hear from the muffin king, I worry about him.

28) Do you believe in psychics?
I am not sure. Lisa Williams sure does amaze me.

29) What does "the writing on the wall" mean?
I can't read it.

Is it in french or something?

30) What size shirt do you wear?
*raises eyebrow* none of your business.

31) What size jeans do you wear?
Like I am going to announce that to the world!

32) What size shoe do you wear?
very big ones.

33) What size wedding ring do you have?
I don't have a wedding ring, but I wear around size 6-1/2 or 7 (I've lost weight)

34) Are you the tallest in the family? No my sister is 2" taller.


35) Secret thing you like:
someone stroking my hair

36) Do you feel sexy in a swimsuit?
not quite.

37) How much weight do you need to lose?
I am not sure, I want to go down a couple more sizes. I've lost a LOT of weight in the past year.

38) Silliest school moment:
Where to begin?

39) Have you always been well-liked by the opposite sex?
No I really get NO attention from men in the real world. Apparently I repulse people.

40) Did you care if you were?
It would be nice to be noticed occasionally

41) Where was ur first kiss?
in the back of my friends car

42) Where was your last kiss?
romantic? in my bedroom.

non-romantic-kissed alex when laraine picked her up in morehead

43) When was that?
romantic- 10 months ago
non romantic- today

44) Have you ever had a boyfriend taken away?
no I usually kick them to the curb...

45) Ever rode a horse?

46) Are you a flirt or serious?
If I am serious you will know it.

47) Do you respect boundaries?
I like pushing boundaries, hey its only kinky the first time!

48) What is on your mind?
wondering if Ric is ok

49) Do you have a facebook account?

50) How many myspace friends do u have?300 something