Sunday, August 24, 2008

40 Little Secrets

40 Little Secrets
Be honest no matter what...
I am always honest!

One: Who are your last 4 texts from?
Men who adore me.
I don't text and tattle!

Two: Where was your default picture taken?
in my bathtub of course its not me really I am not tan

Three: What's your middle name?
Buttmuffin Lovin McNubbin. mom was scottish and a bit deranged.

Four: Whats your current favorite color(s)?
purple, more specifically lavender

Six: What is your current mood?
Happy but tired

Seven: When is your birthday?
Not long enough away for me

Eight: What color shirt are you wearing?
pink pajamas at the mo

Nine: If you were going on a Reality TV show, which one would it be?
One where they make you exercise round the clock
Fat Camp or something to that effect.

Ten: Are you imagining anyone naked right now?
HAHA maybe

Eleven: Did you ever sneak into an R rated movie?
No when I was younger I looked older and now I look younger thank GOD

Twelve: Ever had a near death experience?
Sex with Jamie

Thirteen: Something you do a lot?
you guys know, must I repeat it? I'm trying to cut back.
No really!

Fifteen: Do you want to see somebody right now?

Sixteen: How many piercings or tattoos?
two in one ear, one in the other, one tattoo

Seventeen: When was the last time you cried?
wednesday on way home from work

Eighteen: Who would you do anything for?
The people I love or whoever is holding a big wad of cash

Nineteen: Who are your heroes?
my dad

Twenty-Four: Would you ever take one of your ex's back?
Id rather be slowly eaten by fire ants

Twenty-Five: What did you do last night?
talked on the phone and chatted on msn and talked on the phone some more until the fucking power went out

Twenty-Six: what was the first thing you said this morning?
Wake up chunky Monkey! And no I wasn't talking to myself.

Twenty-Seven: Speak any other languages?
and tidbits of french and spanish

Twenty-Eight: What is your favorite smell?
fresh baked bread, a coffee shop, the rain, the beach, a fresh gardenia or a man just out of the shower. Oooh that last one is my fave.

Thirty: Have you ever been kissed in the rain?
Not yet- maybe when I go to England it rains all the damn time there

Thirty-One: Do you like rain?
Yes I love cuddling in bed (preferably with someone) and listening to it

Thirty-Two: What are you thinking about right now?
I can't say, I would be banned from Myspace

Thirty-Three: What should you be doing right now?
Getting ready for work

Thirty-Four: Whats your favorite memory?
Going out in the boat with my dad- going way too fast, feeling the salty spray whipping across my face.

Thirty-Five What are you listening to?
ACDC, its my wake up music.
Back in black
I hit the sack
It's been too long I'm glad to be back

Thirty-Seven: Who was the last person you yelled at?
Alex she was MENTAL this morning

Thirty-Eight: Who is your best friend?
Dr Donna she is also my therapist. Id hate to see the bill though.

Thirty-Nine: Who is the last person you said i love you to?
Alex, thank Goodness. Whew that was a close one.

Forty: Who is the last person that made you smile?
He knows.