Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Would you like to learn how to pole dance? I'm getting lessons from Sue

Ever been to an adult store? quite possibly

Ever bought something from an adult store? Roger.

Ever played strip poker? yes its a family tradition at Christmas

Ever gone skinny dipping? of course.
I'm a southern girl

Kissed someone of the same sex? not french, but its on my to do list.

Sex in the morning, afternoon, or night? yes please

Are you dominant or submissive? whatever you want, baby.
:P that was submissive wasnt it

Would you have sex with anyone on your Top friends? why of course, from number 2 up, they are in order of fuckability

What is the weirdest place you've had sex? a goat farm in Zimbabwe, but not with goats.

Ever been to a strip club? No my husband never let me go with him, I wonder why... *rolls eyes*

Called someone the wrong name durring sex? No I just always say OH GOD YES... they seem to like that.

Do you believe in make-up sex? Yes in fact I doubt anyone would fuck me if I wasnt wearing makeup

Ever had a one night stand? Once or twice, I prefer to call them rentals...not worth a 2nd try

Has anyone ever used alcohol to lower your resistance? I prefer weed. If you have any, call me.

Ever used alcohol to lower someones resistance? Chilli. He passed out.

Ever been cheated on? yep.
I've dated a long line of losers

Ever cheated on someone? NEVER

Drunken Nights
Are you a light weight? yes I rarely drink

How many drinks til your drunk? 2 lol

What is your favorite beer? blech.

What is your favorite mixed drink? Sunset pina colada

What is your favorite shot? buttery nipple

Do prefer to drink alone or socially? SOCIALLY.. drinking alone is sad isnt it? *hides bottle*

Ever passed out from drinking? yes... ahhh college years.. remember those, John?

Ever thrown up from drinking? who hasnt??

Ever been carried by someone else because of your drunkenness? Just once and I weighed a lot less... he was a burly coast guard friend of my husbands....*sigh*

Ever carried someone because of their drunkenness? Alex. Gotta love that Robitussin.

Have you ever had sex...
On a kitchen table? not at my house.

In the rain? puts on to do list

In a police car? I've slept with a policeman though

In front of a video camera? that was not me... I have an evil twin

In a public place? hmmm yes

Over a sink? no

In a car? yes ... ahh memories of the firebird

In a theater? not yet, *adds to list*

With the same sex? not yet but if I dont find a worthy man soon...

On the first date? yeah this was one of those 'rentals' i mentioned

On the beach? No.. geez I feel so tame now

Pick One
Lights on or off? candles

Pink or Black? depends what you are referring to

Sweet or Spicy? SPICY

Lace or Leather? silk please

Hugs or Kisses? long deep slow wet kisses

Fast or Slow? slow, then faster, faster, slow, fast, slow, fast, yes yes yes

Hard or Soft? hard

Give or Recieve? simultaneous

Love or Lust? Lust. I have given up on love.