Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday from hard head

How did you get one of your bad scars?
was dancing on top of a glass table.. couldnt sit down for weeks.

What was the last shot you got from the doctor?
it loosens me up before my pap smear

Did you have any dreams last night?
yeah...Clive was awesome.

Is your room currently messy?
I can't see past all the boxes but I think its not too bad

Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with D, T, S, or R
I can't be bothered trying to remember everyone I have kissed. But I am pretty sure their names all started with either a J or a P.

Do you have trophies?

What trophies?
closest shaved

How about ribbons and metals?

What kinds?
prettiest kitty

Did you ever ice skate before?
I slid on my ass..

How about cheerlead?
only in private

What about gymnastics?
I'm bendy

Or dance...?
when the mood strikes me... you've been warned.

What's your middle name?
Buttmuffin Lovin McNubbin

How much kids do you want?
I have a couple you can take off my hands, if you're interested.

What do you want your girls name to be?
Buttmuffin Jr.

What about boy?
Zeus, or Dante. something scary.

What's your future car?
a hybrid or a mini cooper

What car do you currently have?
a Honda Pilot SUV

What do you want to be when your older?
independently wealthy and retired

Where do you work now?
I juggle kittens by the side of the road.
Feel free to donate, *points to basket*

Living arena
Where do you live now?
at home.