Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dude, I got a DELL!!

I received the computer and printer that I won today!! That is the fastest turnaround for a large prize that I have ever heard of!! I have already written Family Dollar a thank you note, they are fantastic sponsors. The UPS man said Smyrna was getting theirs today also, so I called the school office and told them to be expecting it. The printer is much nicer than the one I have at home, so I am claiming that. The computer itself will be great for Alex to play games on. I have been sick the past few days, stuffy nose, chest cold, coughing, aches pains, etc...fun fun. James is also sick today, but it sounds like he has different symptoms so I don't know if he has something else. I just hope the kids don't get sick. I hate when that happens. My family is getting together at 5pm Thanksgiving day, (was hoping for lunch but oh well) and I am supposed to bring cheesecake. I think I can handle that. Bud said I had Friday off too. Geez a 4 day weekend, WOO HOOOOOO!! I have been wanting to go to Myrtle Beach so maybe we can do that this weekend....outlet mall, here I come! I just hope I feel better and quit sneezing all over everything. I wish I would win a years supply of paper towels, I have to go to the grocery store AGAIN. Lauren uses like a roll a day, she washes her hands like 15 times a day. sigh. I guess I can't punish her for being clean, but must an entire forest give their lives for it??