Sunday, November 14, 2004

whoopadee doo

Im feeling better today! Lauren and I went out last night and had fun, we went to El Zarape for Mexican food, then we had planned to go see Bridget Jones, but seeing as I live in some backwoods redneck little ho-dunk town, it wasnt playing ANYWHERE! So Lauren forced me to sit through The Grudge again. UGH. To top it off, there were a bunch of teenagers sitting in front of us giggling through the whole movie. "you like oliver! tee hee hee" By the end of the movie, I knew each one of the kids names... SIGH. Then we went to Lowe's Foods (i love this place) everyone there is sooo friendly,and they have so much stuff!!I was walking along talking to Lauren for like 5 minutes before I realized I left her far behind in frozen foods. No wonder those two guys were looking at me like I was nuts, I probably looked as though I was talking to some invisible person on my shoulder: "lets get some vanilla ice cream!" On the way home we rode down Front Street, and we were describing the motions that Mojo makes with his paws, and I looked ahead and the guy in front of me was looking in his rear view mirror at us like we were nuts. I said, I bet he's wondering what we are doing! and we died laughing. I came home and pulled out my old journal that I wrote in when Jamie and I broke up, I hadnt touched it for 2 yrs and here I am in the same situation AGAIN! It helps me to write things down when I am going through this, so I can put them out of my head. Otherwise I keep thinking about every little thing and drive myself nuts! I started reading Bridget Jones Edge of Reason again, cause I couldnt really remember it, maybe eventually I will get to see the movieI have way too many pets. I was going to do some mail-ins today, I have been very slack.