Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Return of Boots

YAY! The kitty is feeling better today!! She's acting playful and running around and being very loving and sweet. (After a week of enduring a painful stomach virus that nearly destroyed my entire house) Its great to see her feeling better. I had a rough evening yesterday, James came to get his stuff, and I sat in my room crying. He didnt come in to see me, THANK GOD. He called before he came over and he sounded FINE, so I guess hes over me already! Geez that makes me feel wonderful. He said it was depression but from the sound of his voice hes doing great NOW.
I called Pizza Inn to place an order for delivery and when I told them the number, they said James' last name. I said, can you change that to my last name please?? The girl said, I can put your name in here but I cant remove the other name, so they will ask you each time. GRRRR Here I am trying to move on, and I just cant rid myself of traces of the past. I doubt I ever call there again. I cried and cried, and emailed James and told him that I couldnt be in contact with him anymore, it was just too difficult. I hope I can stick to it this time, usually I cant. Then I took an antidepressant and went to bed. Managed to get a good nights sleep with cuddly Alex, and Alex slept til 9 this morning!! I guess Lauren and I (and maybe Andrea) will be going out tonight to eat and to the movies to see Bridget Jones.