Thursday, November 18, 2004

I am Woman, hear me snore.

Well I took the night off from the puter (gasp). Didnt do sweeps, didnt read any message boards, just chilled at the house. Me and Mojo cuddled for several hours, he is soooo sweet, I want to marry him. Too bad thats illegal. Then I watched the sci fi channel until Ghost Hunters went off (did you see that guy get body slammed by a ghost?? GEEZ) and passed out. Boots is sick again, I called the vet and they gave me some more medicine, and I had to take both Boots and Moonpie in today for shots and they are going to check Boots again.
I got a pink rose from James yesterday, with the rather generic message "thinking of you". Well, that's nice but I was hoping for something scrawled in his blood like "Julie you are the sun and air, I am in a dark void without you beside me. I can't sleep, think or properly digest foods, please take me back".
I do love James and I hope he is doing ok. The birthday party is tonight, wish me luck. :P