Sunday, November 21, 2004

Satan phoned and left a message

Well Jamie was not too happy about James and I getting back together. Apparently he went out drinking all night Friday night and called up here Saturday morning threatening us. He wanted to kill James, said I never loved him and wouldn't care if he died, and just basically tormented us for several hours. I hung up on him and he kept calling and leaving threatening messages. We called the cops after we heard him on the road outside the house squealing tires. They aren't much help, unless you have a restraining order. Lazy ass law enforcement. He called a few more times, leaving more messages and finally James picked up the phone. He threatened James and James said "how old are you, Jamie? I mean mentally? How old are you mentally? Cause you are acting like a baby" I was sitting on the bed laughing my ass off. Jamie said "I'm going to kick your ass" and James replied "I think I will take a rain check" LMAO to which Jamie got even more irate. I called his grandma and she, his mom and sister went over there and calmed him down. What an IDIOT!!
We watched some movies I had rented from Netflix: Stepford Wives (this movie is GAY) and The Ladykillers (too long and even GAYER). For some reason Alex sat and watched The Stepford Wives the whole way through, I have no idea why she was interested in that LOL.
Me, James and Lauren went out last night to see Bridget Jones. I had heard the reviews weren't that great, so I went in there with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It was very funny, and we all enjoyed it. I can really relate to poor ol Bridget. Afterwards we picked up some fast food (Taco Bell, McDonalds), went to Lowe's foods for a few things, and then came home and had a fun night (sorry can't give any details, this is PG rated) My throat has been hurting really bad, I think I have a little bit of a chest cold, but otherwise I feel pretty good. I could use a nap though!