Sunday, November 28, 2004

That monkey stole my crispix!!

I dreamed I was in a petting zoo, and you had to swing on vines and climb trees to go to each different exhibit. They had cups of food you could get that looked like my favorite breakfast cereal. I had just climbed up to a higher level to see some marsupials when a monkey came running at me with this crazed look in his eyes, then James woke me up. I have been very lazy since Thanksgiving. Rita Bob and Jacob only stayed one day, which sucked! I had planned to go shopping in Jville but the weather was rainy and foggy Sat. night so we just went to a movie (National Treasure) and to the grocery store. The movie was pretty good, but we got there late and had to sit in the VERY FRONT ROW. Lots of foot room but extreme neck pain. I managed to buy some more xmas presents online at amazon, gap and victorias secret. I really only have a few more to buy which is good. I hate the holidays and I will be so glad when everything gets back to normal. I usually put my tree up by now but since we have 3 very playful kitties, we will have to put the tree up in Alex's room and that room is a MESS! Looks like I will have to pay Lauren to clean it up before I can even think about putting the tree in there. The only win I got this past week was a Blue Bunny t-shirt which James claimed after I told him what Blue Bunny was. (ice cream brand). We put the new computer I won from Family Dollar in the bedroom, and James got some speakers, a wireless card and a new leather chair to go with it. My washer and dryer are about to die on me, so if I could just win that Home Depot card, that would be just great. I really want a Neptune w/d set but they are SOOO expensive its UNREAL! Right now I am waiting for my king size pottery barn quilt to dry, its been in there 3 hours. Alex is watching a Kim Possible marathon and looks like she could pass out any minute. There are 400+ sweeps ending Tuesday so I guess I will get started on those. UGH.