Monday, December 13, 2004

No more fuzzy black pom poms

That's right. Mr Mojo got fixed. I felt bad doing it but it had to be done. He had sprayed my quilt, my bathroom....and no way do I want any Moonpie babies. UGH I hardly want HER, she is the most aggravating pet ever. The day I brought him home, he proceeded to put the front half of his body in the water dish and play with the water using his paws. He fell off the cat tree about 10 times, once landing on his head. I will be so glad when he is back to normal. Poor kitty!!
Last week I managed to update my wins page, my music page, and about me page..I was getting sick of the colors and it was hard to read. I hope its easier for everyone to read now. Lets see this weekend we went shopping at Target and Circuit City, went to Cracker Barrel (In search of Alex's ty beanie baby doggie she lost- which we could not find, but I got her a replacement doggie she seems to love). I got the chicken fried chicken mashed potatoes and fried okra. YUM! I still have a few gifts left to buy and I have to get my ass in gear and wrap up some stuff to mail off to some of my email friends. Bah Humbug. Still no tree at my house, Lauren has yet to clean Alex's room (she threw a bunch of crap in there) and I really don't care if I have one or not. I'm not in the holiday spirit AT ALL. Just want it to be over and done with.