Thursday, December 02, 2004

December Once Again

At least it started off pretty good yesterday...I won a $50 Target Gift Card from an online sweepstakes. I just love Target so I was very happy with this win. Today has really sucked, however. Lauren left me a note that she had lost her retainer and would I please search through my garbage?? Excuse me, I dont think so. I had to give in and buy myself a new laptop (on credit that I will be repaying over the next 6 months) since mine is going to be too costly to repair. (Someone tripped on it and broke the LCD screen) And I went home at lunch today to find that cruddy old Tigger cat sleeping on my bed and one of them had spewed on my rug and all over my floor. GRRRR. Then Dad and I got into it because he kept bitching about christmas and how hard it was to scrape together the money for us kids (PUH-LEASE!) so I told him to just keep the money for me I didnt want it. He said FINE. You are supposed to get people gifts because you love them and want to give them something not just because you feel obligated since you were there at conception. He's not a bad person and I love him but sometimes I feel like he treats strangers better than his own children. My eyelid won't stop twitching and its driving me INSANE. Its been twitching on and off for at least a month. I suppose I will have to eventually either cut it off or go to the dr and find out why the hell its doing that. I guess you can tell Im not in the best of moods today. Although I must say, someone on SS wrote the nicest post today about me and how much they enjoy my site. It made me feel good. I just noticed that Lauren has removed ALL pictures of herself from the kids pics and the Emerald Isle vacation pic file. GRRR. I am going to make her put some back. I dont know why she hates pics of herself so bad. Although I don't have much room to talk, the most recent pic of me on there is from 2002. I look like total CRAP now, and no its not just my imagination. I have mirrors and Lauren has video footage that is equally horrifying. I MUST join the gym SOON. I dont want to be known as the FAT LADY who does sweeps. ((sigh)) Lets hope tomorrow is a better day.