Friday, May 23, 2008

#1501 from Survey King

So far in 2008 I have....... (Y/N)

Been on a date? I guess so....technically... I met up with a friend at a movie LOL but I did not get lucky...DARN IT

Went out of town? Yeah Raleigh

Got a new job? No but I grow tired of jumping on mattresses. I need something more challenging.

Slept all day? UGH I can think of much better things to do all day in a bed!

Went swimming? @ the gym

Fell in love? yes and out and back in and then again and then gave up

Been to the mall? Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh...I bought stuff.

isn't this fascinating?

Read a book? Still trying to lift the ginormous "complete works of Jane Austen" I got at Barnes and Noble. Great deal, only $14.99 but weighs 89 lbs. I'm working out at the gym, pretty soon I will be able to.

Gotten in an argument w/someone? my imaginary friend. He said I was being irrational.

Been drunk? tipsy not dunk.

Been to a party? in my pants.

Gotten a new pet? HELL NO. oh crap we did get fish.


Danced? I dance all the time and sing. I'm a happy person as long as everyone obeys me.

Visited the Beerzilla Babes at GoofyAuctions.

com? WTF DOUG IS GOOFYAUCTIONS paying you to do these??

Made a major purchase? a car for Lauren (that I'm enjoying driving hehe)

Gotten a new hobby? no but my masturbation hobby has been taken to a whole new level.

Been pregnant? That requires sex with an actual real live man.

Gotten married? Not yet but its only May.

Done drugs? *raises eyebrow* nothing extreme, just some special brownies and muscle relaxers. Fun night.

Gotten a new computer? I got one at Christmas

Stayed over at someones house? Not yet.

Been sick? Nothing major *knocks wood*

Resolved a conflict? Not yet but my band of insurgent muffins is prepared.

Been to a concert? No, geez my life sucks.

Won an award? "Horniest Blogger on Myspace" award.

I'm so proud!!!

Found a new favorite restaraunt? No I live in the freakin sticks

Other Random stuff...

What did you do on New Years Eve? watched tv and wrote suicidal poetry

Did you kiss someone at midnight? I told Ryan Seacrest to kiss my ass. I can't stand him...GAR!

Did you have a resolution? What was it? TO GET LAID AND IT AIN'T HAPPENED YET

Seen any good movies this year? Which? Recently saw Cloverfield and Superbad on dvd, they were good. Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was funny but had too many penises.

( I never thought I would say that, ever)

Taken any good pictures yet? not of me.

Have you had your picture taken? unfortunately

Name one material possession you have wanted this year? a man

Have you been happy or down for the most part of 2008 so far? Happy as a clam that was plucked from its comfortably safe home in the sea and thrown into a clambake and and cooked alive and about to be eaten.


Gotten anything pierced or tattooed? Considering another tattoo but have to find a suitable pic of a muffin to put on my left butt cheek.

Longest amount of time spent online this year? 64999999 hours and counting!!

Played any good online games? what? Only mind games with my friends.

But thats fun isn't it??

Longest amount of time you have spent playing an online game this year? 0

Favorite holiday so far? National Vaginal Appreciation Day

Have you had a birthday yet? I had my 40th boy that was fun.

*raises eyebrow*

How old are you now? FORTY i just said so are you deef

Any big plans for this year? GETTING LAID

Planning on going on a vacation? Busch Gardens with the kids.

If so where? just said... you are an idiot.