Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Survey #1500 from survey king


Does it bother you when sand sticks to your feet?
No I live at the beach. I don't like when it gets in my vagina though. Pain.


Where did the term "Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!" originate from?
my last boyfriend. he was premature.


Have you ever died your hair with Punky Colors hair dye? If so, which color?
No I am a chicken when it comes to my hair.


Why do most Americans ignore the evidence that proves our government lies to us?
Because we're all gonna die so who gives a shit.


Do you think question 4 was too serious? Why, why not?d
I take nothing serious except my lack of nookie.


If you could make any dream come true, what would it be?
I agree with Doug's answer.


How many times have you seen a race horse?
Never personally


Why do you think photography captures the heart?
because it reminds us that we are all animals inside. Oh wait photography? I thought it said pornography.


Has a song ever taken your breath away? Which one?
You take my breath away by Rex Smith.


How do you break up with someone that you don't want to hurt?
Kill them but make it fast and painless (and look like an accident)


Would you stay with someone to make them happy, even if you were not?
If I loved them I suppose, besides I'm never satisfied anyway.


When you get mad, do you hold it in or shout it out?
I hold nothing in. When I am angry, run. Run far far away.


Do you like it when guys wear pink? Depends are we talking about like a hot pink billabong t-shirt or Bobby Trendy feather boas


What about when skater/emo boys wear really tight pants?
*raises eyebrow*


What would you do if your brother came home and told you he was gay?
That would be fucking hilarious. If you knew my brother you'd find it amusing as well.


Do you think it is important for a guy to buy his girl a ring if he wants to marry her? YES A GREAT BIG ONE


How many girls do you know named Julia? One


Do you tnihk its werid taht you can sitll raed tihs snteecncne?
No it looks like jimmy's emails pre-editing.


If everything in the world was changing to one color which one would you pick? Periwinkle- awww I like Doug's answer and I'm impressed he knew that color!


Did you think Yogi Bear was annoying?


Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran for president? I seriously doubt it.

I hate politics!


How many of the people on your list did you accept out of pitty?
I'd rather not say.


Do you like dogs?Yes


Do you think "winking" leads to cheating?
i think lack of morals leads to cheating


How many times have you kissed under fireworks?


What do you think would happen to your relationship if you took out the sex?
What relationship, and more importantly WHAT SEX?


Do you lose sleep just to daydream about someone?
YES it happens a lot.


Do you wish the Government would legallize pot?
oh yeah.


Have you ever saved a life before? Men have told me this before but I think its a line.


If you were a dolphin boat Captain and you ran out of gas on the open water with all your customers on board, would you call your competitor for some gas?
no we'd all climb on the happy little dolphins and they'd carry us to shore.


If you were a boat captain what type of hat would you wear to protect from the sun? a sombrero I am fair skinned


Have you tried turning a Subway sandwhich into a salad or a pizza? wtf

33. If you were a vegitarian would you eat any type of seafood? yes i love seafood.


Do you know a woman with a full mustache and beard? she shaves but she still has sideburns

35. Do you think southern woman are lazy?LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO thanks for sticking up for me doug. Hell yeah I'm lazy, but only *I* am allowed to say that.

If you say it, you MUST DIE


Have you ever owned a pair of ALLstar Chucks? yeah pink hi tops in college i was so cool

37. More money, more problems! Do you agree? More Money, More Stuff, More things to clean. Yeah I do.


If you could would you send all the Mexicans home to mexico or give them a shot a freedom? I love Pam, and I love Mexican food! *drops subject*


Why have parents of today become so lienient with their children?
Because the children have driven them insane.


Do you ever wish we were in the past time?
HUH? I'd like to see the future.


Does the second person on your friends list have a nice ass? Donna? She has a tiny little eVil ass and she knows how to work it.

42. Do you wear a lot of jewlery or just a little? just a little I believe in understated elegance.

*removes nipple rings*


How many babies is too many for one family?


Do you know who someone else has a crush on?
I don't know how anyone else feels about anything!


Has any of your friends ever done something so slutty, you wished you weren't friends? Yes

46. Do you think a sinking ships gravitational pull is strong enough to pull you down too? if you are chained to it.

Damn you, TIed up Tuesday!!


Why is a womens body so beautiful? because it does not have dangly hairy parts


How many times have you set up your friend with someone else, when you really wished it were you? never I am greedy


Do you think it is ok to have premarrital sex? yes you need to perfect the art


Do you think Michael Jackson will ever reach Rick D's weekly top 40 again? no