Monday, May 12, 2008

Another one from survey king DOUG

1 ~ What song makes you smile? Pretty Prince of Parties, never fails LMAO

2 ~ If you could do one thing over, what would it be? have sex

3 ~ If you owned a clothing line, what would you call it? Fat Ass by Wide Load
or Buttmuffin but pronounced with a french accent like Le ButtmuffIN

4 ~ Do you really, really know your best friends? Not in the biblical sense but I'm trying my hardest.

5 ~ Are friends more important than a relationship, or is it vice versa? I'd like to think I could be friends with whoever I am in a relationship with!

6 ~ Who could you not live without? Juan Valdez.

7 ~ What are your talents? Hehe. I've been told I am kinda funny. And I can play piano and knit and crack walnuts with my vagina.

8 ~ Do you consider yourself an open minded person? Unless you start talking politics or sports then I shut my brain and just nod and smile.

9 ~ What genres of music do you listen to? the weirder the better.

10 ~ What are your morals that you live by? If it feels good do it....a lot.

11 ~ Which of your friends makes you smile the most? Roger when he is set to Speed #4

12 ~ Do you believe that teenagers don’t really know what love is? That is LUST

13 ~ What is your worst quality? Honesty

14 ~ What about your best? Honesty

15 ~ Would you walk a thousand miles for someone you loved? Yeah maybe I'd be skinny when I arrived.

16 ~ Given the opportunity to learn one talent, what would you want? Kitten juggling taught by Jules- LMFAO @ DOUG!!!!!!!
I want to learn how to make Rhoda's Hot Sex Potion.

17 ~ Is reality TV scripted? BLECH!

18 ~ What amuses you in your daily life? Most everything luckily.

19 ~ Describe yourself in three words: Horny, sarcastic, silly.

20 ~ What is your taste in literature? Cookbooks on the toilet.

21 ~ Did you / are you planning to go to university / college / higher education? I'm still trying to become a priest online I keep getting sidetracked.

22 ~ Do you think that typiingg liikee this , maakes youu lookk immaaturre andd illliitteraate? No I just say Smokey, cut it out please.

23 ~ Did you understand the above question? yesssssssssssssssss

24 ~ What do you think your ancestors were like? Fat, pale people with bad tempers and loads of potatoes.

25 ~ When you’re feeling completely hopeless, what is your crutch? masturbation- always makes me feel better.

26 ~ Is it stupid to sing a duet alone? NO luckily there are a few people in here so we can take turns.

27 ~ Are you a writer or artist? writer.

28 ~ Are we being overrun by untalented losers that can’t make music so they resort to stringing nonsense into a rhythm and calling it "rap"? Someone seems a tad bitter?

29 ~ What is your reason for doing this survey? To make Doug feel a sense of purpose in his life.

30 ~ What is your take on interracial relationships? Doesnt bother me I have dated other species.

31 ~ If you were in a band, what would it be called? Party in my Pants (80's cover band and I really want to do this)

32 ~ Conservative or Liberal (or whatever the politicals parties are in your country)? liberal I guess but politics is not a subject I am interested in AT ALL

33 ~ Are you headstrong and impulsive? hahaha

34 ~ Have you ever judged someone on their looks? Only by how they look at me.

35 ~ Do looks matter, in either a friendship or relationship? No the uglier they are the better I look.

36 ~ How important is your family to you? *checks insurance policies*
Not as much as I'd hoped.

37 ~ How do you envision your wedding? I already answered this...a snowy day, me in a pale lavender dress (Like Phoebe on Friends) been carried away in a sleigh driven by horsies with bells on.

38 ~ Is there a "happy ever ever after"? How the HELL would I know that.

39 ~ Do you think there will be one for you? I am not naturally optimistic but I will force myself to say yes because I'm trying to change.

*whew that was difficult*

40 ~ If you suddenly found you were homeless and possession-less, what would you do? Jump for joy! and then roam the world on foot like a gypsy.

41 ~ Can one person really change the world? Depends how big his penis is.

42 ~ Do you have a social networking account? isnt that what this is??

43 ~ If you had the choice to be signed to a record label and work with a producer of your choice, who would it be? Someone indie and obscure who is really great...none of those slick smooth overprocessed guys

44 ~ Do you read more than you write, or write more than you read? Write, which is very unfortunate for my readers.

45 ~ Are you a listener or speaker? If ric is on the phone, LISTENER

46 ~ Movies suck.

Respond to the previous statement:
They do NOT! Movies give me a chance to be someone else for 2 hours...what better escape??

47 ~ What is the love story of your life? *shoves Roger in closet* It hasn't happened yet.

48 ~ Have you ever been in an ambiguious relationship, not knowing where you stand? I prefer to sit. I'm lazy.

49 ~ What makes you happy? Laughing.

50 ~ Are you a leader or a follower? Leader but sadly no one follows me.

*lines up stuffed animals*

51 ~ Is today’s youth too insecure? WHO CARES

52 ~ Why do girls wear makeup? In my case, its so I won't frighten others.

53 ~ Pick a song out of the air. Fast forward to the middle of the song.

What is the line that comes up?
They're made of snow....Pretty party clothes crocheted of snow!

54 ~ What does music mean to you? EVERYTHING

55 ~ Is your story planned out and you just experience it, or does everyday write a new chapter in your story? Anything can happen, one second can change the course of your life (see movie Sliding Doors)

56 ~ What is underappreciated these days? My vagina.

57 ~ Do you wish on stars? YES.


58 ~ Do you still have the heart of a child? Yes its in a small box in my bureau.

59 ~ Name a person you’ll never forget: My parents. and Silent Bob.

60 ~ How many languages can you speak? Que'?

61 ~ What historical time period would you have liked to live in? the 70's were groovy ( I was alive just too young to have any fun)

62 ~ What is the meaning of life? Guacamole.

63 ~ Your take on snowball fights? Fun as long as its not yellow

64 ~ Do you get snow, where you live? HELL FUCKING NO.

65 ~ If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do? I would be dead so nothing. But I would definitely have sex today with the first semi-attractive person I could find.

66 ~ What was your first thought waking up this morning? Fuck me its monday.

67 ~ Have you ever found a song that describes you exactly? Baby Got Back!

68 ~ Do you believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Depends on the amount of blood lost.

69 ~ What picture do you keep in your shoebox? all the penises I have known.

70 ~ When life gives you lemons, you: go get the tequila.

71 ~ Have you ever broken someone’s heart? shut up RIC.

72 ~ Do you have a special friendship with someone of the opposite sex in your life? Does special mean what I think it does? no.


73 ~ Should contraception be taught, or abstinence? HAHA this reminds me of that episode of South Park where they taught sex ed...LMFAO. All the girls would see the boys and run away screaming.

74 ~ What would you have done, in Romeo or Juliet’s place (depending on your gender)? We would have run away to Canada. No one cares there.

75 ~ One thing you would change about the world? the shape of it.

76 ~ Who is the most talented person you know? WOW Doug thank you!!
I haven't tried all of my friends yet, so I will have to get back to you.

77 ~ Would you ever cheat on a significant other? no

78 ~ The latest you’ve stayed up? (or the earliest, I suppose?)4 am

79 ~ What celebrity do you think should get their act together and crawl into a hole? I don't watch that show Laguna Beach or whatever it is, but that blonde chick and her bf make me SICK I wish they would just die.

Heidi and Spencer?? DIE ALREADY! Why are they in all my magazines??

80 ~ Who is the person you’ve known the longest, that you still keep in touch with? Cyndi, been friends since 1st grade.

81 ~ What is your opinion on the Canadian government tinkering with the definitions of "family", "marriage", and "parents"? I don't care aboot it, eh?

82 ~ Where is the most beautiful place in the world? out on the water with no land in sight and the sun setting in the horizon

83 ~ Sunrise or sunset? sunset

84 ~ Have you ever been in way over your head? every single day.

85 ~ What is one thing you’ve walked away from, that you regret? COLLEGE

86 ~ Do you believe in the advice, "Never regret anything you’ve done, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted"? I never wanted ANY of that shit.

87 ~ What is your preferred mode of transportation? Scooter

88 ~ Have you ever had a dream, and then it came true? * PLEASE LET SAT NIGHTS DREAM COME TRUE.... PLEASE GOD*

89 ~ Do you move on quickly after sadness, or do you hold on to the past? So, let go,let go
Jump in
Oh well, what you waiting for?
It's all right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

90 ~ Are you a giver or a taker? What have you got?

91 ~ What is the cause of your sleepless nights? my penis-less-ness

92 ~ Is today’s youth too shallow? They're all freakin idiots.

93 ~ If you answered yes to the above, what do you believe is the cause of that? No one reads books anymore.

94 ~ Who did you get this survey from? Doug the survey king.

95 ~ Who do you feel safe with? My band of insurgents.

96 ~ Are you down to earth or a dreamer? Depends what time of day it is and how horny I am.

97 ~ Are some people just really lucky, or do they deserve their blessings? THEY ARE LUCKY AND THEY SUCK.

98 ~ Have you ever written a letter and never sent it? No I always do things on impulse and then panic later.

99 ~ Are you sarcastic? ME? Ha!

100 ~ What song makes you cry? Tears in Heaven.

101 ~ What is your definition of love? an all-consuming emotion that is difficult to maintain at levels necessary to sustain happiness.