Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bedtime Survey from Doug, the Survey King.

Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Have I ever lied to you?

were you last night?
ret General I had an allergic reaction to both latex and also some bushes I was hiding in.

What is today
's date? MAY 4, 2008

Who was the last perso
n to call you baby/babe? My gynecologist

When you'
re at the grocery store do you use the self checkout?
No thats
what I pay the gynecologist for!

e crushing on you?
No I pushe
d him off so I could fill this out.

What is your relat
ionship status? armed and ready.

Has anyon
e ever sang to you? Yes Roger sings One Song Glory to me all the time.

I keep telli
ng him, Roger its time to learn a NEW FUCKING SONG!

Has anyon
e ever given you home made cookies? No but someone threw tomatoes at me, hence my fear of them.

If you were aband
oned in the wilderness, would you survive? Yes I have learned a lot from Byron and Smokey.

How do you make your money
? I crochet undergarments.

person to text today? Roger.

it says "let me out of the close
t please, I want to watch TV"

What is your favor
ite color? Purple

What color
are your eyes? hazel.

What is a compl
iment you receive often? You looked better on myspace.

How tall are you?
: 5'6"

Who was the last perso
n to say they loved you and when? Randy on the HOT STUDS 4 U Hotline last night.

Do you like your paren
ts? I love them.

Do you secre
tly like someone? Yeah I saw the man of my dreams the other night, he was driving a beat up pickup truck with a box labeled "JACUZZI SUPER JET TOILET" in the back.

Why did your last relat
ionship end? He was a lying cheating bastard?

Who was the last perso
n you said you loved on the phone? Randy the guy running the HOT STUDS 4 U hotline last night.

is the furthest place you've traveled? Zimbabwe

Do you look more like your mom or your dad? Hmm.
..I have no clue.

How long does it take you to showe
r? I take long luxurious bubble baths

Can you do split
s? Probably I am pretty bendy.

Are you flexi
ble? Sure what are your plans?

What did you do on New Years
? Re-wound all the toilet paper rolls counter clockwise

Was your mom there
? in spirit, she said "Julie you need to get a life.


Can you speak
any other language than English? Foux de fa fa!

How many hours
of sleep did you get last night? 9

Do you wear your seatb
elt in the car? Yes because I love that " I'm being pinned down and choked" feeling

Are you scare
d of flying? its fun

What do you sleep
in? a bed.

Who was the last perso
n you kissed? Roger

Do you like funny
people or serious people? Funny

What are you liste
ning to? lauren is watching father ted and LHAO in the other room.

What jewel
ry do you wear all the time? my pendant that says "hot stuff"

What do you have plann
ed for tonight? vegging in front of the tv.

Is the last perso
n you kissed older than you? No

Do you prefe
r myspace or socialsplash? myspace

Do you have a favor
ite item of clothing? Jimmy's underoos that I stole from his hamper. MMMMM Sweat food.

Do you like messa
ges or comments better? messages because they tend to be raunchier.

Last movie
you saw in theaters? Baby Mama.

Last thing
you ate? some nasty nutrisystem eggs, veggie sausage, toast, coffee and juice.

What was last thing
you drank? coffee, juice, water.

Are you happy
right now? Yes I am ecstatic.

raises eyebrow*

If you could
have one thing right now what would it be? the love of a righteous man.

What were you doing
at midnight last night? Trying to record a song on the piano but no one would leave me alone!

Are you left hande
d? not for writing but its useful for a few things

What was for dinne
r tonight? Pan seared salmon, lobster ravioli with a butter cream sauce, steamed asparagus, and a caesar salad.

just kiddi
ng probably some more diet food *blargh*

What is the last thing
you thought about? my ass expanding as I sit in this chair

When is your birth
day? 2/19

Do you want to get marri
ed & have children one day? After I have my lobotomy.