Thursday, May 01, 2008

Weird Survey ala sue

Have you had sex within the past 24 hours?
With a real perso
n or an inanimate object? If roger counts then yes.

Are you gay? No but your myspa
ce page is.

Do you have hairy
legs? Hell no.

I shave
everything (but my head, tried that once and it was not a good look)

Are you sick?
mentally perhaps

Do you smoke
? nope

Do you like monke
ys? nothing better than some good monkey lovin

you rather swim in the ocean or a lake? Ocean I spose

Have you ever licke
d a 9 volt battery? I am not quite this desperate for kicks yet.

Have you ever used an elect
ric toothbrush as a vibrator? see above answer.

Have you ever read the Bible
? Nah I bought the cliff notes

Did you ever go to Sunda
y School? briefly. I was bad.

Do you wear a lot of black
? oh yeah.

Did you ever bring
a weapon to high school? My ginormous ass.

Have you ever hugge
d a tree? yes until it told me to stop

Do you wish you lived
somewhere else? yes if I can leave the pets and kids at my old house

ibe your hair ? fun loving, enjoys a nice stiff breeze.

Do you like to have fun? when its absol
utely necessary.

Are you a drama
queen? Nah. I am just a bitch.

Have you ever taken
a bong hit? yes I dated jamie for 3 yrs, I had to do something to take my mind of off that fact!

Do you like mayon
naise? yes but it hates me.

Are you afrai
d to die? I'd hate to do that to my kids.

Do you like playi
ng in leaves? yeah but only inside the house.

Are you horny
right now? does a cow shit in the meadow?

Have you ever bough
t shoes that cost more than 100? Yeah

Have you ever peed your pants
as an adult? probably a little from laughing too hard. Its a constant struggle around my household, when me and Lauren get together.

Are you an adult
? Physically.

Ever won a spell
ing bee? Oh yeah I used to win it all the time in grade school

Do you ever eat becau
se your depressed? nope I eat when I am happy!

Are you a telev
ision addict? Not really I go days and days without watching.

Do you enjoy
spending time with your mother? Yes I did.

Have you ever had sex in a hot tub? Not yet.

On a swing
? Damn I have a lot of stuff on my to do list.

Have you ever had sex with a total
stranger? Yes but somewhere in the middle we became acquainted.

Do you enjoy
the calming effects of turkey? No they make too much noise

Are you a sugar
freak? No Splenda.

When you hear a knock
on the door, do you think that its the cops? Yes cause I am always violating that damn restraining order.


Ever been arres
ted? Not yet.

Ever commi
t a crime and get away with it? I never get away with anything. I am a horrible liar. LOL.

Do you like orang
e juice?oh yeah.

if you drink
the last of the carton, face the wrath of jules!

What sign are you? Pisce

do you wish you were right now? in the arms of a righteous man.