Friday, May 09, 2008

Feelin' right now from Doug the Survey King

Who would you bring if you were getting your tattoo? Probably Andrea I think she said she wanted to get one...LLOYD across her hiney.
*haha just kidding*

Why are you not in bed right now? Who says I am not.

If you were to get an out of the ordinary piercing, what would you get?
Seriously all my parts are delicate and tender and don't need to be pierced (at least with anything really sharp)

Have you done anything illegal in the past three weeks? No its been slow.

Have you ever thought about being vegetarian? Yes I was one for nearly 2 yrs but then I got pregnant and it was like OMG MUST HAVE MEAT

Did you used to watch cartoons on Nick when you were a child? Sadly I am too old.

Who was the last person you thought was good looking? Guy on moped wearing yellow jacket, the little strings on the hood were flapping in the wind

Have you ever set anything on fire? everything belonging to my ex.

Have you ever been to a strip club? Not yet

On occasion,are you loud and obnoxious? Only when I've been drinking HEAVILY which is very rare.

Who was the last person you remember lying to? I only lie to myself.

What did you have for dinner on saturday night? WTF...umm *thinking* oh, went to Texas Steakhouse with Lauren Andrea and Lacy. I had steak and steamed broccoli and wedge salad. OMG the wedge was goooood.

What color is your dream car?Swirling neon rainbows

What are the ages of your top 12? most of them are a bunch of geezers.

(like me)

Do you watch One Tree Hill? no thanks I have enough DRAMA *dun dun DUN*

What dog breed have you always wanted to have? I have two boxers.

Were or Are you a fan of Nirvana? I liked a few songs.

Do you know anyone with their eyebrow pierced? Yeah.

Do you have any rings on right now? Yes 2 and one is way too loose (AND NEITHER IS THE 2 CARAT PRINCESS CUT PLATINUM ENGAGEMENT RING I SECRETLY LONG FOR) *shhhhhhhh*

Does your mother often give you words on encouragement? No she is pretty quiet since she passed away.

How do you feel about people that gauge their ears? HUH? With what? I use a bent paperclip to scratch mine, I know its stupid but OMG it itches sooo bad.

(recently found out that my sister and her daughter have this same problem, the itching not the paperclip thing)

Are there any windows open in your house? no. There is no escape.

Do people know what your favorite movie is? Probably...I've done enough of these surveys.

Are you listening to any music or the tv? Silence. its nice.

If you were having twin girls, what would you name them? Shaliqua and Turbonia

Would you ever give your daughter a name that's usually for boys? haha Yeah Alex

Have you ever considered getting married? Yes if I met someone who would treat me like I deserve

Are you afraid you'll die alone with a billion cats? *panicked expression*
Have you been reading my diary??????????????????????????

Do you tell a lot of secrets? Not unless they are real juicy.

Are you looking to be in a relationship? Only with someone amazing.

Have you ever worn a crown? Every night in the bathtub.

Are you wearing any make-up? Yes. I don't hear any screaming.

Have you ever seen Four Brothers? Nope

Do you listen to any bands nobody probably has ever heard of?Yeah I have obscure taste.

What was the last book you read? Still muddling through Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility which is the first section in my ginormous "collected works" book.

Do you do well in school? I did.

Are you putting off something you need to do? Getting laid?

Do you have a list that you keep track of everything on? Haha LIke I would tell you!

What's something you should be doing?
Adjusting my panties.