Wednesday, June 25, 2008


What is your dads best friends name?
He is deceased but I will say Hazel, my mother.

Have you ever been completely alone with a boy in his bedroom?
Its been way too long.

Have you ever made out in a basement?
No one has basements around here or else I'm sure I would have!

What body part do you wash first in the shower?
I take baths so everything gets clean simultaneously except my head.

Do you have any piercings?
you will find out soon enough.

Is your driveway steep?
no but there is a speed bump, look out.

What's your favorite flavored Pringles?
I prefer those salt and vinegar Cape Cod chips that are so crunchy they will remove the 1st two layers of skin from the roof of your mouth. YUM.

Have you ever been tied up?
Yes. I didn't like it. Your turn.

What was the worst thing you ever got grounded for?
Being really drunk @ 16 on front street. I was so sick, I have never drank beer again.

Have you ever had two dates in one night?
Only if Roger counts. Then yes.

How many times have you been cursed at?
Hold on let me get my notepad.....
ok, the tally is 1,697 times so far.

Which shoe do you put on first?
whatever one is closest.

Do you like pickles?
yes but only sour not sweet.

Have you ever been to a gay bar?
No but they seem fun.

Have you ever had any friends with benefits?

Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting?
There aren't many cows here at the beach.

Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep?
Ric, usually he is talking at the time.

Have you ever had a song written about you?
Baby Got Back

If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets or your towel?
This one has been asked before....I have to have clean sheets. Its a priority as I spend so much time in bed.

Have you ever found anything in your parents' bedroom that was questionable?
haha. Mom said it was a back massager.

What was your childhood nickname?
Carrot top. Yeah real funny.

Have you ever peeked in the opposite sex's locker room?
Of course I like to window shop like anyone!

What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving?

How do you normally eat your Oreo cookies?
I'm on a diet!!
so under the covers with all the lights off.

Why are you doing this survey?
Because Ric wanted me to do some today. Hey at least he has only done ONE today. Geez.

What was the best year of your life?
hasn't happened yet.

Any strange phobias?
fear of being bored to death.

Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?
Yeah I guess, he was from Canada.

When's the last time you threw up?
This morning when I looked in the mirror.

Have you ever called your love interest by another girl/guys name?
It has happened in the past, but I dated people who had the same name, so it was cool.

Have you ever gotten caught sleeping while on a date?
I'm sure it will happen at some point.

Have you ever played naked Twister?
No I played naked Ouija Board. The ghost told me to go get dressed immediately.

Have you ever been drunk at school/work?
How do you think I get through the day?