Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Thing Quiz ala Neale

Type in the first thing that comes into your mind when you see these words

2 Relationships
something I suck at, every time. Think I should give up. Or go lesbo.

3 Your Last Ex
James? I couldn't care less if he lived or died. But if he dies make it slow and painful please.

4 Power
courses through my veins.

5 Food
is yummy. All of it. This is the problem.

6 Drugs
Want some. Have some? Call me.

7 The President
Bud. He is the president of our corporation. I am a mere secretary/treasurer.

8 War
what is it good for?

9 Cars

10 Gas Prices
a nightmare I cannot wake from.

11 Halloween
Wish it was here

12 Religion
Don't get me started.

13 Politics
Blech. Bunch of liars/pervs.

14 Myspace
a place for fiends.

15 Worst Fear
being eaten slowly by ants.

16 Marriage
an old fashioned form of torture and servitude.

17 Sex
Want some. Call me.

18 Fashion
David Bowie.

19 Brunettes

20 Redheads

21 Work
Me no likey.

22 Football
I don't care about sports.

23 Animals
dirty little bastards.

24 Vanilla Ice
cold coke.

25 Porta Potties
someplace I dont wanna go

26 Pajamas
silky smooth, shaven legs, cold sheets so soft, tangled in thoughts of you

27 Pictures
in my mind forever...I ache with loneliness