Thursday, July 10, 2008

Will this ever end??????????

Will this ever end??????????
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I'm sorry but unless you are a little girl under the age of 6 this look does not work. Make it stop! I am not a fashionista or anything (haha obviously) and I am all about comfort. But seriously if you are on your feet all day, buy some nice athletic shoes or something. GEEZ.

Ok ok, lets say you work in a barn and you need a shoe you can "hose off' at the end of the day. I still say, wouldn't you rather have some nice rubber boots so that the manure wouldn't get inside your shoe and onto your piggies?? That is disgusting.

This chick just called here at work, she was like totally a valley girl, for sure! I mean, OMG! Are they still around?? Apparently they are, cause I started having flashbacks of myself wearing leg warmers during our conversation. She said someone recommended my name and number because they knew I was a big fan of wine. Ok, FESS UP which one of you did it?? Yes, I do enjoy a nice glass of wine once or twice a week. But why on earth would I want to purchase an entire case (12 bottles). I'm not having a big drunken wine tasting party (although that does sound kinda fun who wants to come). And, even though it is dark and has "like, a finish of raspberry, fer sure", how do I know I will actually like it? I really do not like most wine that I try. For example, my all time fave is Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot. I hear you wine connoisseurs giggling, but you can kiss my big old butt (that is insured for 2 million dollars by Lloyds of London.)

I hate telemarketers with such a passion that I would refuse to buy anything from one of them, even if it was the best deal ever! Buy one sex toy for 2 dollars, get 10 free! No thanks. I prefer doing my shopping the natural way, ONLINE.

I have to admit though, this particular saleswoman had me chuckling. Even after I politely refused on the basis that I would never buy 12 bottles of a wine I had never tasted, she told me to "like, have a totally awesome day!" How cool is she. I want to be her friend. Oh nevermind I already have 360 of you guys.

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