Saturday, August 30, 2008

S-E-X Talk ADULT!!!

Is your sex partner preference, male, female or farm animal?
Male although if I dont find one soon I may be open to other options

What is your marital status?

Are you happy about your status?
not really

What is your favorite sexual position?
I like them all!!!

How may partners have you slept with?
LOL I can count them on my hands put it that way

What is your method of birth control?
abstinence but not by choice

If you use condoms, what brand?N/A

If on the pill, what brand?N/A

Besides the obvious, where is the one place your partner could touch you to make you hot?

What is your sexin' jam?
Dont care just like to hear that he is having a good time ;-) And my name repeated a few times haha

Are you a talker, moaner,screamer, or all?
Haha all of the above

Do you like your hair pulled?
Yes oh dear

Do you like it on top or bottom?
sideways you name it

Drunk sex....dissapointing? or more fun?
Hmmm it can make it easier to express myself sometimes, but I prefer other things to enhance the moment ;-)

If you could choose one celebrity to do the dirty with, who would it be?
Clive Owen he looks like he would be very very dirty

If you were paid a gazillion dollars, would you have sexual relations with George W.

I am not that hard up for cash.

Have you ever taken anyone's virginity?
LOL yes

Silk sheets with rose petals or a soft blanket by a roaring fire?
Both sound heavenly!!!!!

Best outfit you've dressed up in for your partner?
a giant should have been a clue.

Would could your partner wear to turn you on?
a towel.
drives me mad

Any embarassing sex stories you want to share?
Well 69 is no fun when your partner farts in your face. It pretty much ruined my night.

If you had to choose a cartoon character to make some lovin' with, who would it be?
ROFL for some reason he looks like he would be well hung

Have you ever walked in on a parent or sibling doin' the dirty?
NO thank GOD

Have you ever used toys in your love making endeavors?
Yes the anal intruder 3000 is my fave.

How often do you think about sex?
just every other minute

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Would you have sex with anyone on your top friends list?

Have you ever had a threesome?
Unless the cat watching counts then no

Have you ever had anal sex?
Oh yeah ;=)

Have you ever been to a strip club? No

Have you ever worked in a strip club? No

Have you ever been involved in an orgy? Not that I know of.
But I passed out in a room once

Have you ever been called a slut?
No I am no slut I have dated 3 guys in 20 yrs!

How often do you have sex?

Do you consider yourself a freak in bed?

Do you like it rough?
*sigh* this survey is not helping my situation

Do you masterbate?
haha you havent read my bulletins have you

Are you horny now?

This or That

Whips and chains OR Feathers and silk?
NO FEATHERS!!!!!!!!!

Whipped Cream and cherries OR Ice cream and chocolate syrup?
Ice cream and chocolate syrup

Kitchen counter OR Shower?
Hmm at my house? neither.
How about the bathtub instead

Doggy OR Cowgirl?

Threesome OR An hour of receiving oral?
an hour? that seems a bit excessive I prefer mixing things up a bit

Watching porn OR Making your own porn?
watching and making simultaneously

Biting OR Licking?
a little biting and a lot of licking

Black Leather OR Pink frilly lacey whatnots?
Black silk, dont like leather or lace

Rug burn OR Neck hicky?
Rug burn

Fall asleep OR snack after?
how about a snack, do it again & then fall asleep - I am with SUE!