Tuesday, September 09, 2008

tuesday night survey ala Paul the new Survey King

Can you honestly say that things are running smoothly for you?
No I had a horrible day, but I am thankful for a few true friends I have on here

What's your view on taking risks?
playing it safe is no fun I'd rather get hurt and enjoy the ride

Would you rather trade in your ipod or computer/laptop for 10,000 dollars?
My ipod has seen better days, but after today I might say my computer.

Does your heart come with a key, or is it already taken?
there is a 40' wall around it

How'd your day go, by the way?
IT FUCKING SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which do you prefer on your toast: butter, jelly, peanut butter, or Nutella?
butter and jelly...I like nutella on toasted bagels

What's something you are determined to accomplish by the end of summer?
its over and no I did not get laid.

Do you pour everything out when you feel genuinely guilty of something, or do you keep it in anyway?
I apologize and move on

Are you a Gatorade drinker?

You see a shooting star, do you make a wish?
yes but they never come true

Are you a big fan of snowstorms or thunderstorms?
Both but we never get snow

How do you handle your hair once you finished washing it?
let it dry or blow dry it, depends how much time I have

Do you have relatives living in a different country?
my nephew is in the Czech Republic

Do you turn on the lamp when it's bright out?

Have you ever been addicted to WoW or SC?
Never....I hate WoW

When it rains, do you go out and start to dance?
no I don't

Hey, what are you listening to right now?
my possessed refrigerator

Do you get carried away with things?
yes sometimes

What's something you're sure that won't change about you?
my relationship status apparently