Thursday, March 13, 2008

50 things about me ala PAM

1. Do you eat a lot of fast food?
no I can't run very fast so it usually escapes

2. Can you execute an acceptable cartwheel?
no way. I can't even move my head!

3. Do you play any sports?
kitten juggling

4. Were you happy when you woke up today?
I was happy that I was not dead.

5. Do you like somebody and not sure if they like you?
No I always make it way too obvious. *sigh*

6. Are you an understanding person?
No, I am vague and ambiguous.

7. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Definitely Maybe

8. Did you pray before you went to bed last night?
I prayed God would fix my neck, and deliver me a righteous man.

9. What did you last get upset about?
being falsely accused of ratting out a friend.

10. Do you eat candy on a daily basis?
No who is Candy? She sounds like a slut.

11. Do you have a crush?
*no comment* lmao SHUT UP, BELLADONNA!!

12. Does it make you happy to get letters in the mail?
As long as they aren't ransom notes like I got today (see my blog)

13. Who was the last person to text you?
Matthew!! I miss him so much. Off on holiday with another woman after our fabulous night of hot sex (haha in my movie blog only)

14. What are you looking forward to this summer?
SEX in reality

15. Who was the last person you ate with?
Lauren, we just went to Applebees

16. Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?
my left nipple. Its psychic.

17. Do raisins belong in cookies?
Poor raisins. Why is there this anti-raisin movement going on today? I always say, Raisins are good. Don't hate raisins! Raisins DO BELONG in our society, and in its cookies.

18. What's your screen name?
buttmuffin or lookin4bigone depending which site you go to.

19. Walking into a party, what's the first thing you notice?
the lack of attractive single men, its APPALLING

20. Are you currently taking a science class in school?
The only science I study is the SCIENCE OF SLEEP

21. You've just won a free vacation to either South America or North Korea.
Which one do you pick ?
South America. Time to pick up a new shipment of "supplies" from Carlos anyway.

22. Kiss on the first date?
Nah. But we definitely would have sex.

23. Would you rather have chicken or steak?

24. Are you single/taken?
single *bursts into tears*
no, honestly I'm very happy about it.

25. What's one thing you've learned from a good friendship gone bad?
Never lend your friends money. They won't give it back!!!

26. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
My imaginary boyfriend.

27. Is it awkward when you run into your ex?
No, not unless he struggles. JUST DIE ALREADY!

28. Who was the last baby you held?
I held a baby-sized penis. Does that count?

30. Who was the last girl you spent the night with?
My daughters

31. Have you ever felt replaced?
YES! I've always said I felt like someone came and got me when I was sleeping, and replaced me with this overweight 40 yr old bitch.

32. Are there deer heads covering any walls in your house?
There are no heads on any of my walls. At least not yet. I haven't been successful. But I have wooden displays all ready with their names in gold lettering.

33. Do you believe in karma?
Karma is a bitch! I must have been a real asshole in my previous life.

34. Have you ever been asked out?
No. I'm usually asked in. They don't want to be seen in public with me.

35. Are you curious?
Yes I am tell me everything.

36. Are you good at what you do?
Oh yeah giggidy giggidy. REAL GOOD.

37. Have you ever driven without a license?
No but I'd like to chunk my license to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

39. How is your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend doing?
Who gives a shit?

40. Do you wish you had smaller feet?
Yes. But then I'd have to have smaller breasts or I'd topple over.

41. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
2 of my best friends right now are men. Well they're guys.

42. Do you wear your seatbelt?
yes especially when Lauren is driving.

43. When ordering sushi, what do you get?
California roll

44. How many best friends do you have?
I'd say for each of my personalities

45. Do you write in cursive or in print?
I have the most awful cursive writing for a girl. I should have been a doctor. I write better BACKWARDS in cursive than I do frontwards. Thats one of my hobbies.

46. Would you rather have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends with benefits?
are these medical benefits? if he has a dental plan, its a deal!

47. Who was the last person you sat next to?
My imaginary boyfriend

48. What were you doing at 10 am?

49. Have you changed a lot since summer?
lost 69 lbs and speak with an English accent now.

50. When was the last time you saw your dad?
2006 :(