Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Buttmuffin: The Movie. Part 7

Laurie and Melissa have been driving round all night and at dawn they spot a strange man walking down the street muttering something about killing someone. "It's our guy!" screams Melissa as they pull off the road, screeching tires.
"FREEZE!!" they shout pointing their weapons at Jimmy. But he acts as though he cannot hear them
so Laurie is required to KICK SOME ASS. She runs and jumps on Jimmy, tackling him to the ground. Melissa starts giggling hysterically. They put handcuffs on Jimmy and throw him into the back of the car.
Suddenly Rhoda appears in front of the car and Laurie gets out once more.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT, BITCH?" She says within inches of Rhodas nose. "I WANT THE HUMAN MAN CREATURE. HE IS MINE!!! Mwahahahahahaha." says Rhoda menacingly. She zaps Laurie with some sort of forcefield that looks like lightning, and Laurie is knocked to the ground, injuring her tailbone once more.
"OH NO SHE DIDNT!" screams Melissa from the car. She hops out to help Laurie KICK SOME ASS, but as soon as she steps out, she hears the screeching of tires as a car comes around the corner. Inside the car are Revenge Cat and her two kittens who begin firing over Jimmy's head. Rhoda laughs and zaps them with her forcefield which apparently turns them into happy little sleepy kitties Rhoda grabs Jimmy and they both disappear.
"WTF? This has been the weirdest fucking day. And I've hurt my hiney again. Screw this, lets go out drinking and have some fun."
"Girl, YOU KNOW IT! LETS GO!" giggles Melissa as they speed off squealing tires.
Rhoda and Jimmy arrive back at the Whitehorse. "You did not perform your task, you IMBECILE!" screams Rhoda.
"KILL JULES" says Jimmy solemnly.
"Ok ok you don't have to kill jules anymore! I'll have to do it myself!"

"No NO NO!"

"Kill jules?"
*rolls eyes*

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Too bad I didn't get to complete the mision. I would've loved to kick some ass or outrun a gangster. LMAO!

Posted by Melissa on March 11, 2008 - Tuesday at 10:42 PM
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Sorry but Jimmy and I have to have our love scene, so he can't be captured. LOL. This is all really well thought-out.
*shut up!*
*make me*
sorry had a moment.

Posted by ♥buttmuffin♥ on March 11, 2008 - Tuesday at 10:43 PM
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Story of my life : I didn't perform well. But it sounds like I'm gonna get a chance to try again later...YESSS!

Posted by jimmy on March 11, 2008 - Tuesday at 11:15 PM
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It may take me awhile to write our love scene...we're building it up so much it has to be PHENOMENAL. OH THE PRESSURE!
I'm trying to get your $2, but at the moment I only have 50 dollar bills, so give me a few days.

Posted by ♥buttmuffin♥ on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 7:42 AM
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hey! what's up with that?!?!?! I'M supposed to be the one that KICKS ASS!!!!! not get MY ASS KICKED!!!!! but what the hell......any excuse for a margarita.......

Posted by ♥laurie♥ on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 10:49 AM
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Yes well if Rhoda was a mere mortal you would have TOTALLY kicked her ass.
In the spin off movie about you and Melissa, you two will be kicking ass left and right.

Posted by ♥buttmuffin♥ on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 10:51 AM
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Rhoda Whitehorse


I really wish I could do that lightening stun thing in real life! It would be so useful... with bad dates... with my students...

Wish I had a belly like that in real life too.

Off to kick more ass! HA!

Posted by Rhoda Whitehorse on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 6:43 PM
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Me too, I have a few ex bfs who I'd like to zap to hell and gone.

I wish I had her entire body including her head.
Hers is straight.

Posted by ♥buttmuffin♥ on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 6:48 PM
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Rhoda Whitehorse

Yeah... Im sorry youre wonky today. Maybe you can get time off work with a cocked head? It would be all worthwhile then.

Hope that helps.

Posted by Rhoda Whitehorse on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 7:02 PM
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No, I work for family.
There are no sick days.
Unless I am projectile vomiting.

Posted by ♥buttmuffin♥ on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 7:06 PM
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Rhoda Whitehorse

What about a plank and a bandage then? If you shove the plank in the back of your knickers and bandage the other end around your neck it should straighten up nicely.

Posted by Rhoda Whitehorse on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 7:13 PM
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OMG I winced just reading that

Posted by ♥buttmuffin♥ on March 12, 2008 - Wednesday at 7:29 PM
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