Sunday, March 09, 2008

Buttmuffin: The Movie. Part 3

after the flash forward, we go back a few days to see what happened in the meantime...

Belladonna is nibbling on strawberries and rubbing the summer sausage all over her scantily clad body as jules sits nearby trying to write a poem.

So far, shes got:
Meat stick, meat stick
oh what a brilliant treat
its ever so ever so satisfying
sing Ho for hunk of meat!

Well belladonna is not pleased, and goes to the phone to order more meat telephonebecause obviously jules is uninspired.

Meanwhile, Caroline is driving her truck making deliveries when she gets a call about an URGENT MEAT MATTER

So she makes a U-turn and heads for Belladonna's address, nearly losing Byron in the process.
He's already nearly been killed as throngs of hungry patrons of the White Horse have been throwing darts at him maniacally in hopes of winning pickled eggs.

The truck arrives at Belladonnas, and finally Byron is able to fall out of the tire to the ground. He rolls down a small hill and lands in Belladonna's petunia bed.

Finally standing to his feet, with dirt and petunias in his sandy blonde hair, he wavers from left to right struggling to gain his balance. He pulls his hello kitty backpack from his shoulder and pulls out a bottle of water and takes a few swigs before approaching the door.

Jimmy is dodging bullets by hiding behind cars in the labyrinthian maze of the Lowe's Foods parking lot.

He struggles to find his way out of the parking lot to safety. Suddenly here comes Matthew in his convertible, blasting "Friday I'm in Love" and singing along, completely ignoring his mobile which has been ringing all morning thanks to Rhoda.
He stops and grabs Jimmy with one hand and throws him into the back of the car.

Jimmy says "thanks Man"
and Matthew remarks "what have you done to make so many pussies so angry?" to which Jimmy looks down at the absent bulge in his pants and sighs.

Rhoda has grown tired of Matthew not answering the phone, nor responding to her voicemail about his shirt.
She decides to transform herself into a cat and go to Matthews house to find out what is going on.

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Rhoda Whitehorse


Posted by Rhoda Whitehorse on March 9, 2008 - Sunday at 1:30 PM
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Oh, dear, Byron's in the petunia bed! And I just planted those!

Hope he doesn't ruin all the lovely nightshade plants I have growing there for Mistress Rhoda! There will be hell to pay!

Posted by Belladonna on March 9, 2008 - Sunday at 2:46 PM
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Matthew ©

Hmmm I am not a fan of cats... (I will avoid obvious crude remarks here)

Posted by Matthew © on March 9, 2008 - Sunday at 6:25 PM
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