Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wrighty fancies a bum - apparently! ala Matthew

Wrighty fancies a bum - apparently! ala Matthew

The last place you were (besides now)?
Nicaragua. I was picking up yeah.

The last gift you received?
a box of poo on my doorstep. Oh jimmy, you cheeky bugger.

The top three things you spend the most money on?
Lush, sex toys, stuffed animals.

Last food you ate?
cereal, juice, egg beaters, coffee.

First thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Bulge in pants or lack of. Then eyes. Adams Apple of course.

The school you attend?
Become a Priest Online! University. Almost done!

Your mobile phone provider?

Favorite store that's usually in a mall?

The longest job you had?
Psychotic Hamster Therapist, if you have one, just pop him in the mail and I'll send him back a different animal.

The biggest lie you've ever heard?
size doesn't matter.

The last time you cried was because..?
I woke up in this body

In your opinion, do long distance relationships work?
They're the best! Come visit me once a month and then sod off!

Do you drink coffee?
Yes its necessary for brain function. Not morning person.

Do you believe in God?
I believe in a higher power of some sort

Favorite color(s)?
purple, red

The last person on your missed calls list on your cell phone?
Jamie (Alex's father and complete asshole!)

Who is the last text message from?
Carlos wanting to know if I made it home safely from Nicaragua

What are you wearing now?
black pants purple sweater

How many pets do you own?

What are you doing tomorrow?
work, masturbation, sleep. good times.

Can you play ping pong?

What is your natural hair colour?

Do you like maps?
Google maps rule! Makes stalking ever so much fun! Especially the satellite imagery.

Do you like strawberry banana smoothies?
They're ok.

When did you wake up this morning?
625; 635; 645; and finally 655. Snooze button.

The best thing about winter?
no mosquitoes.

What are your plans for this weekend?
Have no idea. Please send suggestions.

How many days is it until your birthday
A VERY VERY LONG TIME geez just gotten over this one!

Are you on a laptop?

Are you smiling?
Smiling causes wrinkles therefore have quit doing it. You can tell how I"m feeling by my eyebrows.

Do you miss someone right now?
Yes but my aim is improving.

Are you happy?
How does one define happy. If happy is something attainable on this realm then perhaps I am. Happiness=warm gun.

Have you ever been in the hospital for an emergency?
Yes but I swear I barely touched him, despite what my record reflects!

Last time you ate chicken?
Sun night I bbqd a breast. and we had chicken also.

What jewelry are you wearing?
couple of rings, necklace, bracelet, handcuffs and ankle restraints

What are you going to do after this survey?
unravel all the toilet paper rolls and roll them back counter clockwise.

Song you're listening to?
Beer Beer Beer Beer by the Pogues

The car you were in last?

What color shirt are you wearing?

How long is your hair?
on my head, shoulders. Growing out the rest for summer.

What's on your mind right now?
hopefully not a tumor.

Last show you watched?
Hmmm....LOST I think

Last thing you drank?
coffee and orange juice

When was the last time you smiled?

What did you say last?

Where is your phone?
In my vagina. it has multiple uses.