Tuesday, May 06, 2008

a-z ala PAM

The Letter A

Are you available?: for what? yeah probably...is it something fun?

What is your age?: 40

What annoys you?: work and answering phones, taking messages, filing, etc.

The Letter B

Do you live in a big house? average sized

When is your birthday? feb 19

The Letter C

What's your favorite candy? Chick a stick

Who's your crush?: Roger *whispers* (he's sitting behind me)

When was the last time you cried?: Sunday- sad movie, hence sad poetry.

Are you crazy? *raises eyebrow*

The Letter D

Do you daydream? quite frequently *sigh*

What's your favorite kind of dog? boxers I have 2

What day of the week is it?: Tuesday

The Letter E

How do you like your eggs? they're ok but I wish they werent quite so fertile.

Have you ever been in the emergency room? Yes with alex.

What's the easiest thing ever to do? procrastinate

The Letter F

Have you ever flown in a plane? yeah lots of times

Do you use fly swatters? can never find one, so I use jimmy's underoos. unfortunately they seem to attract more flies.

Have you ever used a foghorn? Shit this is definitely on my to-do list.

The Letter G

Do you chew gum? no i just swallow it.

Are you a giver or a taker? I'll take what you have to give me.

Do you like gummy candies? yes they are so cute with their fat lil bellies YUM

The Letter H

How are you? Vague and unsurprised

What color is your hair?: red

The Letter I

What's your favorite ice cream?: mint choc chip

Have you ever ice skated?: Not yet. ALso on my to do list.

Do you play an instrument?: piano

The Letter J

What's your favorite jelly bean brand?: Jelly Belly is the only one isnt there?

Do you wear jewelry? only my clitoral stud

The Letter K

Who do you want to kill? all telemarketers.

Do you want kids?: I have 2

Where did you go for kindergarten? Ann Street

The Letter L

Are you laid back? 3 weeks out of the month, kinda. well maybe not. I am pretty spastic sometimes.
Someone else should answer this, lauren?

Do you lie? only on surveys

The Letter M

Whats your favorite movie? Sliding Doors

Do you still watch Disney movies? alex makes me.

Do you like mangos? No

The Letter N

Do you have a nickname? buttmuffin, aka butt, aka muffin, aka jules

What is your real name? Julie

Whats your favorite number?: 19

Do you prefer night over day? night time is the right time, for makin love....

The Letter O

What's your one wish? the love of a righteous man.

Are you an only child? I WISH!

The Letter P

What one fear are you most paranoid about? being paranoid.

What are your pet peeves? Jamie Waldo, his very existence.
Telemarketers, and CAPTCHA (rot in hell, captcha!)

What's a personality trait you look for in significant others? Funnyness and large hands

The Letter Q

What's your favorite quote? A hard man is good to find.

Are you quick to judge people? Yes I can take one look and instantly know whether they are male or female. Well most of the time.

The Letter R

Do you think you're always right? Oh yeah.


Are you one to cry? at sad movies, OMG

The Letter S

Do you prefer sun or rain? I like rain when I'm lying in bed cuddling with a righteous man... *sigh* or a stuffed animal.

Do you like snow? Yes in fact I was telling ric yesterday if I ever got married again, I want to get married in the snow, and be driven off after the ceremony in a sleigh driven by horses with jingly bells on.

What's your favorite season? No-mosquito season

The Letter T

What time is it? 1154

What time did you wake up? 7:00 am

When was the last time you slept in a tent? 34 years ago

The Letter U

Are you wearing underwear? *raises eyebrow*

Underwear or boxers? boxers on man...*imagines man wearing boxers*
*oh god i need a man*

The Letter V

What's the worst veggie? celery

Where do you want to go on vacation? somewhere isolated that has a nice breeze and no mosquitoes

The Letter W

What's your worst habit?: self loathing?

Where do you live? Otway

What's your worst fear? dying before I get to have sex with a righteous man.

The Letter X

Have you ever had an x-ray? yes

Have you seen the x-games? No

Do you own a xylophone?: oh crap *adds to list under bongos*

The Letter Y

Do you like the color yellow? No reminds me of that dumbass.

What's one thing you yearn for? the love of a righteous MAN.

The Letter Z

Whats your zodiac sign? Pisces

Do you believe in the zodiac? if it sounds promising, then yes

What's your favorite zoo animal? KOALAS i want one so bad!